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  • Congress and SP form an alliance to deceive the country, says UP CM Yogi

Congress and SP form an alliance to deceive the country, says UP CM Yogi

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath during an
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CM Yogi addresses a public meeting in favour of BJP MP and candidate Ram Shankar Katheria from Etawah

By Our Correspondent

Auraiya, April 27:  Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Saturday, said that during the time of Congress, SP, and BSP, the poor used to die of hunger while the people of SP used to indulge in extortion and the mafia used to seize the lands of the poor. Yogi added that the SP had nothing to offer to the poor, but it withdrew cases against terrorists.

Addressing a public meeting at Janta Mahavidyalaya, Ajitmal in Auraiya, the Chief Minister described the alliance of Congress and SP as a ‘betrayal to the country’. He added: “In the last ten years, PM Modi has worked for the development of India and to secure the futures of the current and the upcoming generations. There is now an atmosphere of security in the country. When a firecracker explodes, Pakistan immediately clarifies that it’s not involved. It is because Pakistan knows that if it gets involved, it will be held accountable and taken to task.”

He urged people to vote for the Etawah MP and BJP candidate Ram Shankar Katheria.

CM Yogi asked the people about the source of terrorism and Naxalism in the country, hinting obliquely at the SP and the Congress. “Who deprived Auraiya of development and One District, One Medical College? Under PM Modi’s leadership, new institutions are being established. Congress and SP-BSP haven’t accomplished as much collectively as PM Modi has in 10 years”, he asserted.

He said that the parties are working to rob Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and backward classes of their rights. “In their manifesto, the Congress is saying that including Muslims in the 27% reservation meant for backward classes will benefit them”, he stated.

“Baba Saheb Ambedkar opposed the idea of providing reservation on the basis of religion in the country, but these people want to divide society on religious lines and lay the foundation for the country’s division. They want to strike at the rights of Scheduled Castes. Such attempts began during the UPA government’s tenure. BJP had opposed, saying that if someone tries to deprive Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes of the rights granted by the Constitution, they will face fierce protests”, CM Yogi.

He remarked that in 1947, Congress partitioned the nation, and now they are proposing to impose an Inheritance Tax by scrutinizing the property of Indians. “Half of your parents’ diligently earned assets will now fall into the hands of Congress and SP. These individuals claim they will grant minorities the freedom to eat as they please”, he pointed out.

The Chief Minister asked if there were different foods for minorities and majorities in India. “Our majority community does not consume beef, but they will give exemptions to minorities for cow slaughter. We cannot accept this demand of Congress and SP. This is against our faith”, he stated further.

Yogi said that during the Congress rule, people from SP-BSP supported them. “At that time, Congress questioned the existence of our revered deities. Today, Ram Lalla is seated in Ayodhya. Kashi and Ayodhya are complete, and now we are heading towards the land of Braj”, he added.

CM Yogi said that the BJP respects the faith of India and will implement uniform civil laws. He said that out of 16 seats contested so far in UP, BJP and its allies are winning all 16 seats. BJP will win 80 out of 80 seats, he emphasized.

“I went to pay respects to former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh at his residence upon his demise. PM Modi expressed condolences. But, SP did not utter a single word of condolence on the death of Kalyan Singh and went to read the Fatiha at the mafia’s house. BJP has also provided medical colleges for you and will work for security and prosperity”, he said.

On this occasion, Yogi government ministers Rakesh Sachan, Ajit Pal, BJP MP and candidate Ram Shankar Katheria, BJP Mahila Morcha state president and MP Geeta Shakya, State Vice President Kamlavati Singh, MLA Sarita Bhadauria, Gudiya Katheria, Former Minister Lakhan Singh Rajput, former MPs Raghuraj Singh Shakya, Premdas Katheria etc. were present.

Children wave placards supporting BJP

While children don’t have the right to vote, they expressed their opinions at CM Yogi’s rally in Auraiya. A child arrived with a placard and waved it. The placard read, “Baba ji, you punish the criminals, we will cast our votes.” The innocent expression of a child’s sentiment was a major attraction at the public meeting.


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