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  • Conference on Packaging Innovations: Shaping the Future, Enhancing Experiences

Conference on Packaging Innovations: Shaping the Future, Enhancing Experiences

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  • Dr Rajat Kumar called upon every citizen to champion sustainability and encouraged industries to focus on direct and sustainable technologies in alignment with environmental conservation and responsible development. 
  •  Ms A Vani Prasad urged the packaging industry to continue to innovate and design recyclable packaging material while reinforcing consumer promotion of reuse.  

Hyderabad: The 3rd edition of CII TS-PACKCON 2023 a Conference on Packaging Innovations: Shaping the Future, Enhancing Experiences organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) was inaugurated on Wednesday by Dr Rajat Kumar, IAS., Special Chief Secretary, Department of Environment, Science & Technology, Government of Telangana. In his address, he emphasized that every citizen should prioritize environmental sustainability and actively engage as advocates for sustainability.

When there’s a market demand, businesses tend to increase their production to meet it. However, the same doesn’t always apply to environmental sustainability. While there are established Acts and Policies in place, their implementation can be challenging, particularly when it comes to the Polluter Pays principle. Quantifying the pollution caused by a polluter is a complex task. Technology offers potential solutions, encouraging industries to focus on developing more sustainable innovations to reduce their environmental impact, says Dr Rajat Kumar.

Ms A Vani Prasad, IAS., Director General, EPTRI & Principal Secretary, Government of Telangana urged packaging businesses to embrace environmentally friendly technology. She emphasized the importance of industries encouraging end-users to reuse packaging materials.

In his welcome address, Mr C Shekar Reddy, Chirman, CII Telangana & Chairman & MD – CSR Estates Lt acknowledged the pivotal role played by the packaging industry in the global economy. He mentioned that the industry is rapidly evolving due to advancements in technology, sustainability initiatives, and shifting consumer preferences.

Mr Chakravarthy AVPS, Chairman – CII TS-Packon Conference & Global Ambassador – World Packaging Organisation and CEO & Managing Director, Ecobliss India Pvt Ltd, highlighted the pervasive impact of the packaging industry across various sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, food, aerospace, and more. He underscored that this industry exerts significant influence on economic growth.

The conference featured a distinguished lineup of speakers, including Mr Pradeep Chowdhry, Managing Director Gemini Edibles and Fats India Pvt Ltd; Mr Bhaskar Reddy, Managing Director – Creamline Dairy; Mr Dayanand Reddy, Managing Director, Vasantha Tool Crafts P Ltd; Dr Ravi Prakash Mathur, Head of Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management -Dr Reddy’s Laboratories; Mr Shankar Patel, Chairperson Regional Governing Board, Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP)- Hyderabad; among others, contributed their expertise and insights to the conference.

The conference brought together a diverse group of participants, including packaging industry professionals, researchers, designers, marketers, and policymakers. These attendees engaged in a dynamic exchange of ideas, presented innovative solutions, and engaged in discussions about upcoming trends and the challenges facing the packaging industry.

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