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Colorbar Celebrates 19 Years of Magic in the Beauty Industry

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New Delhi, Delhi, India

Colorbar Cosmetics, a prominent leader in the Indian beauty industry and a premium purveyor of beauty products in the country, celebrates its 19th birthday. Founded by visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Samir K Modi, Colorbar was introduced to bridge the gap in the Indian beauty market by bringing global beauty standards to discerning Indian consumers. Driven by the philosophy of ‘Made for Magic‘, the brand aims to unleash the inner magic within each individual. It champions gender neutrality, diversity, and stands as a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand, revolutionizing the beauty sector with its innovative solutions.

Established in 2004, Colorbar has redefined conventional beauty by offering a wide range of premium products tailored to individual needs. Throughout its journey, it has not just enhanced beauty experiences, but has also enabled individuals to embrace their unique identities and freely express themselves. Revolutionizing the beauty experience, Colorbar offers bespoke services such as personalized engraving of makeup tools and the creation of tailor-made lip colors at select walk-in stores. Furthermore, Colorbar’s commitment to environmental consciousness is evident through its introduction of eco-friendly beauty options.

Aligned with its mission, Colorbar maintains a continuous drive for innovation within its product portfolio, as evidenced by the recent launch of its collection of refillable, sustainable, and vegan lipsticks named ‘Take Me As I Am’. Expanding its commitment to conscious beauty, Colorbar has also extended its extensive range of Vegan Nail Lacquers, all crafted from 100% recyclable materials. Another notable addition is the introduction of the sub-brand, Co-Earth, which is born ‘For the Planet’. Co-Earth offers skincare and personal care products with a focus on the environment. Furthermore, the brand has established associations with wildlife conservation organizations like Wildlife SOS and Wildlife Trust of India, contributing to meaningful animal rehabilitation and conservation initiatives.

Mr. Samir K Modi, the Founder and Managing Director of Colorbar Cosmetics, remarked on this occasion, “We are thrilled to celebrate 19 remarkable years of Colorbar. This journey has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to positively impact lives in unique ways. I firmly believe that makeup wields a transformative power and is capable of unleashing the true magic that lies within. From the very start, we have been dedicated towards elevating the beauty experiences of our customers by offerings premium products that are at par with the international standards of beauty. Guided by the philosophy of ‘Made for Magic’, our vision revolves around igniting the inner magic and embracing the uniqueness of beauty and individuality. This commitment enables us to continually reinvent ourselves, ensuring that each offering is tailored to address unique needs of every customer.

As we progress, we are embarking on a transformative path to become a 100% sustainable brand, reinforcing our commitment to both the environment and the community. Our aspirations go beyond boundaries, and we strive to share our magic globally to offer the Colorbar experience in ways never imagined before.”

Colorbar’s birthday celebrations soar to new heights with the launch of its ‘19 Years of Magic‘ campaign. This campaign features 19 exciting contests and giveaways, offering customers a chance to win the finely curated hampers designed for the occasion. Alongside these offerings, the brand introduces exclusive celebratory deals on its website and in stores, welcoming customers to join in the celebrations alongside Colorbar. This celebration is a blend of magic, panache, elegance, and flair, accentuated by collaborations with influencers who embody Colorbar’s guiding philosophy of being ‘Made for Magic‘.

As Colorbar looks to the future, it takes a momentous step forward by committing to render its entire product range eco-conscious. By prioritizing refillable packaging, the brand significantly curtails its ecological impact while reiterating its core values – innovation and sustainability. This visionary commitment underscores the brand’s responsibility to the people and the planet. Furthermore, with a commitment to crafting products that empower and inspire, Colorbar remains at the forefront of the beauty industry, all set to shape its future in the coming era.



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