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Celebrating Rang Malhar through hand painted flags

Varanasi, July 11: The courtyard of Vishwanath temple of Banaras Hindu University (BHU) colorful by the hand painted flags. This was the occasion of the 13th International Rang Malhar event. Around 20 young artists from Varanasi transformed white flags into paintings with the colors of their imagination. These art works try to make the public realise their responsibility towards the environment, as well as to tell us about the diverse beauty of nature. If today we do not pay adequate attention to this, then this beauty will be confined into the paintings only.

Dr. Suresh Jangid, painter and the local coordinator of the program said that Rang Malhar has been organised for the last 12 years in Jaipur. This event is conceptualized by noted artist Dr Vidhyasagar Upadhyay. Artists create their art works every year using a different object as the painting surface. The basic spirit of all creations remains the protection of the environment and its cordial relationship with the human being, and nature also drenches the mankind in its love through good rain.

BHU students with their flags paintings on different topics

For the past few years, due to the human selfishness in relationship with nature, sense of negligence towards the environment is being observed. The purpose of this event is to re-invigorate the relationship between nature and man. Therefore, this year’s theme line has been decided as  ‘The Rainbow of Hope’. Choosing a flag for the painting surface is also a message in itself. Taking initiative for some good work is also known as raising the flag. In this way, we also have to make each and every effort at our level for environmental protection rather relying only on the efforts by the government and administration.

The participating artists told that it has been an amazing day providing an entirely different experience and their creative contribution towards environmental awareness as well. Sonika Sharma, Ashish Maurya, Nikhilesh Prajapati, Rajat Pandey, Garima Yadav, Shivam Gupta, Gautam Dev, Sudipta Swarnakar, Shweta Vishwakarma, Neha, Shalini Maurya, Archana Kumari, Akanksha Jaiswal, Sandeep Kumar created and displayed their art works in the form of hand-painted flags. During the creation of art works Mr. Satish Kumar, Assistant Professor from Music department accompanied the artists by playing Raaga Malhaar on flute.



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