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Barring SP, MLAs from all parties visit Ayodhya for darshan of Lord Ram on request of CM Yogi & Speaker

  • MLAs immerse in devotion of Lord Ram, express gratitude to CM Yogi for this opportunity
  • MLAs from BJP and its allies, BSP, RLD and Congress visit Ayodhya to offer prayers to Lord Ram

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: Barring the Samajwadi Party, MLAs from all political parties, visited Ayodhya to offer prayers to Lord Ram, responding to the call of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana. Grateful for this spiritual journey, the MLAs expressed their appreciation to CM Yogi for extending this opportunity.

Accompanied by ministers and legislators from the ruling coalition, members of opposition parties, including the BSP, RLD, and Congress, joined in the collective reverence for Lord Ram.

The luxurious buses provided by the Transport Corporation resonated with the chanting of Ramdhun, while the vehicles were adorned with vibrant flowers, setting a serene atmosphere. To enhance the comfort of the journey, arrangements for refreshments were made, and each MLA received a thoughtful token of remembrance, including a diary, a pen, a calendar etc.

For many, this pilgrimage marked a historic milestone, culminating in the realization of a dream cherished for centuries—the construction of the grand temple of Lord Ram. The unity displayed by the government and MLAs from across the political spectrum was hailed as a momentous occasion, attributing it to CM Yogi’s visionary leadership. Such camaraderie, they noted, would be etched in the annals of history, alongside the contributions of Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Yogi.

Reflecting on the profound significance of the pilgrimage, MLAs expressed overwhelming emotions and shared anecdotes of their anticipation leading up to the journey. Some took the opportunity to lament the absence of the Samajwadi Party and its leader, Akhilesh Yadav, criticizing their decision not to partake in the darshan of Lord Ram.

In interviews with the media, MLAs from various parties conveyed their sentiments of reverence and gratitude. Congress MLA Aradhana Mishra Mona reminisced about her longstanding connection with Awadh, considering the pilgrimage as an auspicious and deeply personal moment. BSP MLA Umashankar Singh commended the government’s arrangements and emphasized his party’s commitment to secularism, denouncing any politicization of the pilgrimage. Nishad Party President and government minister Sanjay Nishad described the occasion as monumental, underscoring the emotional significance of reconnecting with Lord Ram after many years.




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