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  • Avantor Emphasizes Importance of Collaboration, Leveraging Technological Advancements in India Biopharma Forum Series

Avantor Emphasizes Importance of Collaboration, Leveraging Technological Advancements in India Biopharma Forum Series

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Avantor, Inc., a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the life sciences and advanced technology industries, hosted first-of-its-kind series of Biopharma forums across India in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune to emphasize Avantor’s commitment to creating customized solutions for customers by identifying and addressing the challenges faced by Biopharma companies in India.

The Indian biopharmaceutical industry is rapidly expanding with increased investments in research and development, robust product pipelines, collaborations, and technological advancements. However, challenges such as constantly evolving regulatory compliances and price and quality control impede global competitiveness. The 2024 Avantor Biopharma Forums focused on critical topics including scale-up, risk mitigation, and cost optimization, which are crucial for addressing these challenges and driving growth in the biopharma industry.

With the goal of facilitating an enriching exchange of ideas for professionals within India’s Bioprocessing industry, the forums provided a platform for over 600 participants from some of the prominent biopharma players in India to engage with Avantor’s products and solutions, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration within the bioprocessing community.

The highlight of the forums was industry panel discussions with biopharma experts from leading biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies across the three cities. These discussions explored topics such as the current state-of-the-art in biologics manufacturing, overcoming critical challenges associated with process failure or yield, and the future evolution of biologics manufacturing and digital advancements across the industry

  • Dr. Ger Brophy, Chairman of Avantor’s Scientific Advisory Board, spoke about the Readiness for Changing Biological Molecules and Regulatory Environment(1) and shared his perspective about the ever-evolving regulatory environment in the country.
  • Highlighting the evolution of the industry, Mr. Narayana Rao Rapolu, VP, Biopharma and Applied Products Solutions, said, “The Indian biopharma sector is witnessing a rise with the introduction of high-quality, cost-effective biosimilars into the market. At Avantor, we recognize the significant challenges hindering the growth of biopharma companies. With innovative strategies emphasizing efficiency, quality, and affordability, we aim to generate a positive impact on the biopharma business while earning the trust of our customers.”
  • Dr. Nandkumar DeorkarSVP Research and Development, Avantor, shared his insights about the effective management of Total Cost of Ownership in Bioprocessing. “At Avantor, we work to simplify our customers’ scale-up processes thereby eliminating process steps. Avantor’s objective is to create long- term, strategic partnerships within the industry by working closely with biomanufacturers to drive and foster cost optimization and improve biologics process efficiencies. We are proud to provide exceptional post-sales support and quality assurance, both are key decisive factors in for driving the success of at biopharma companies,” said Dr. Deorkar.

The Avantor Biopharma forums were hugely successful in bringing the industry together for meaningful dialogue and exchange. The participants were appreciative of the knowledge sharing sessions and engaging conversations.

–Press release


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