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1 Crore Weddings Happen in India Every Year, Grab your Chance to Capitalise on this Industry

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

In a country where weddings consist of fanfare and grand celebrations, the demand for skilled bridal makeup artists is soaring. India witnesses a staggering 30,000 bridal events daily, contributing to over 10 million weddings annually (Source: Evoma)*. Remarkably, even in the current year, with an estimated 35 lakh weddings; between November and December 2023 (Source: CNBCTV18)*, the demand for Bridal Artists remains unwavering.

Recognising the burgeoning need for highly skilled professionals, Lakme Academy Powered by Aptech’s Bridal Courses stand out as the beacon of excellence. These comprehensive programs equip aspirants with a diverse skill set, covering every skill a pro Bridal Artist needs. This includes:

  • Bridal Makeup
  • Upstyles
  • Nail Art
  • Fashion Styling, including Saree Draping

Their students recently displayed their expertise in the Bridal Beauty Expert campaign, actively demonstrating the mastery acquired through their rigorous training. Executing meticulous transformations, the students skilfully dressed the models as brides and bridesmaids, showcasing a diverse array of colours, fashions, looks and styles. These real-life applications showcase the practicality and versatility in hair, makeup and fashion styling taught in these courses.

A professional photoshoot captured each moment, bringing forth the intricacies of their craft in a visual spectacle solidifying their standing as highly sought-after professionals in the Indian market. Their skills extend beyond the conventional, encompassing elite styles that position them as the preferred choice for their clients.

Embark on a visual journey through their signature Bridal Expert Course by exploring the reels on their Instagram handle (@lakmeacademy_aptech). Each reel encapsulates the mastery and finesse imparted to our students, shaping them into exceptional bridal artists.

Join the Journey to Bridal Artistry
Witness the transformation, celebrate the artistry and consider joining Lakme Academy’s Bridal Expert Course to elevate your skills and be a part of the dynamic world of bridal beauty.




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