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Yogi Govt’s Manav Sampada Portal ensures transparency in govt depts, fixes accountability

  • UP Govt fixes accountabilities on personnel in all the departments of UP through the portal
  • Details of appointment, leave management, transfer and retirement are available on the portal
  • Details of movable and immovable property must be provided on the platform by December 31, promotion will stop on violation

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: In order to bring transparency in the work of the administration, the Yogi government has launched the ‘Manav Sampada Portal’. The portal puts the activities of the officers and employees of different departments in public domain through the portal. Details related to their appointment, leave management, transfer and retirement have been made available on the portal.

Besides, the Government has instructed the officers and employees to declare their movable and immovable possessions on the website before December 2023. Officers and employees not complying with the Government’s directive within the given timeframe will face consequences, including denial of promotion.

The Yogi government aims to bring transparency in the working of the officers and employees across all 74 departments of the state by providing all the facilities while fixing their accountability towards the government and the public.

The state government has recently issued an order emphasizing that failure to provide information about the property within the specified deadline will be viewed unfavourably. Consequently, this aspect will be taken into account during the departmental selection committee meetings scheduled for January 1, 2024, and onwards. Unless personnel furnish the details of their movable and immovable assets on the portal, their promotion will not be considered. Officers and employees will also have to update the details of their property every 5 years.

Details of personnel will be updated on the portal

Earlier this month, the Yogi government had decided that by October 1, 2023, all the service details of the personnel would be updated on the Manav Sampada Portal, which includes appointment, joining, dismissal, leave management, merit-based online transfer system, annual appraisal report management, salary withdrawal and service book management.

This order will be applicable to all directorates, corporations, boards, commissions, authorities, councils and all government-controlled institutions operating under all departments. The details of newly appointed employees, retired and deceased employees including transfers, and discharges from different levels will also be updated on the portal.

Apart from this, the details of the complete posting profile of the personnel, including factors like disability, husband and wife being in government service and serious illness etc. will also be made available on the portal with verification.

Salary & annual evaluation details to be available on the portal

Salaries for every officer and employee will be released on the basis of consolidated and certified data gathered from the Manav Sampada Portal and the DDO Portal. Pay slips of employees will also be accessible through their login IDs on the portal. Furthermore, the annual assessment of all government officers and employees will be conducted via the same platform. The portal will facilitate merit-based online transfers as well.

Additionally, all categories of leave will exclusively be approved through the portal. Information regarding personnel training will also be accessible through this platform. To oversee these operations and manage the portal, a new division (Section-5) will be established within the Personnel Department, with the PMU operating at the NIC level. The security of the portal will be overseen by NIC to ensure cyber safety.





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