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Yogi govt gears up to make schools proficient with ‘Shiksha Chaupal’

  • Govt to organize ‘Shiksha Chaupal’ to provide momentum to Nipun Bharat Mission and enhance community participation
  • Block Education Officer will organize ‘Shiksha Chaupal’ in three villages of the development block every month

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: The Yogi government has been organizing various activities for the effective implementation of the Nipun Bharat Mission and achieving timely goals for the past six years. In line with this, the Yogi government will now organize ‘Shiksha Chaupal’ with the aim of accelerating the learning process of young children in the state.

Shiksha Chaupal will be organized at the community level in three villages of the development block every month under the leadership of the Block Education Officer to provide momentum to the Nipun Bharat Mission as well as enhance community participation and involvement of guardians.

In this regard, instructions have been issued to all Basic Education Officers by the State Project Director’s Office.

BEO to ensure extensive promotion & publicity of the Chaupal

As per the directives of Vijay Kiran Anand, the Director of School Education, the Block Education Officer will ensure extensive promotions and publicity of the Shiksha Chaupal in their respective development blocks after determining the venue and date of the program a week before the scheduled program, aiming to maximize community participation. The relevant teachers and guardians shall also be invited to attend the Chaupal.

The duration of the Chaupal will be approximately one hour. Cooperation will be sought from the APR for the successful implementation of the program. .

Public representatives shall be invited and guardians motivated

Local public representatives, administrative officials, intellectuals, media representatives, and others would be invited to the Chaupal. During the Shiksha Chaupal, a clear time-limit would be set to make their school proficient (nipun) by making the teachers, guardians and members of the school management committee aware of it.

The principals, guardians and members of the school management committee of the schools that have achieved the ‘Nipun’ target in Shiksha Chaupal would be be honored and their special cooperation and success stories shared. Children who have excelled in various fields would also be honored by inviting them to Shiksha Choupal. In this way, an effective strategy would be developed to organize Shiksha Choupal in three different villages every month.

As per the agenda of the Shiksha Chaupal, parents will be encouraged to send their children to school regularly and establish communication with teachers to ensure the attainment of desired learning outcomes. The teachers doing excellent work will be recognized and honored by the Block Education Officer, appreciating the work done by them.

Additionally, there will be special discussions on the strategies implemented by the Block Education Officer to make the block proficient (nipun). Furthermore, all the parents will also be motivated to download the Nipun Lakshya app.

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