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Home News Yogi govt focuses on enhancing soil conservation through use of organic fertilizers

Yogi govt focuses on enhancing soil conservation through use of organic fertilizers

  • Action plan ready for strengthening and infrastructural growth of bio-fertilizer production labs
  • To facilitate widespread availability of organic fertilizers within the state, govt allocates Rs. 2.1 crore

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh, known as the ‘Food Basket’ of India within the nation and beyond, is making significant strides on the path of industrial and agricultural development. This initiative led to the preparation of a comprehensive action plan aimed at strengthening of bio-fertilizer production labs in the state and to popularize bio-fertilizer and target soil conservation through it.

In order to promote bio-fertilizer production units in the state, attention is being paid various critical components, including remuneration, subsidies, maintenance, miscellaneous expenses, material procurement, training-related travel, and other related expenditures. As part of this endeavor, financial and administrative approvals have been granted, accelerating the drive for soil preservation, with an initial allocation of Rs. 2.1 crore from the total earmarked provision of Rs. 4 crore.

Allocation of funds approved to speed up total 6 works

Bio-fertilizers not only enhance crop yield, but also play a significant role in soil preservation compared to synthetic fertilizers. In alignment with Chief Minister Yogi’s vision, the state government is proactively advancing with a comprehensive strategy to promote the widespread adoption of bio-fertilizers for the purpose of soil conservation. As a result of this, out of the total provision of Rs 4 crore, an amount of Rs 2 crore has been allocated to give shape to six major works. Among these initiatives, an allocation of Rs. 15.50 lakh has been dedicated to the reinforcement and enhancement of bio-fertilizer production and research laboratories.

Programs will run on a large scale to popularize bio-fertilizers

As outlined in the comprehensive action plan, the allocated sum of Rs. 2 crore dedicated to the promotion of soil conservation through bio-fertilizers within the state will be deployed according to a meticulously crafted strategy. An amount of Rs 69 lakh has been allocated for its execution. Among the specified initiatives, Rs. 5 lakh has been apportioned for the maintenance of bio-fertilizers in 29 instances, while a sum of Rs. 4 lakh will be utilized across 42 projects for the development and popularization of bio-fertilizer structures, as well as for conducting other essential tasks like equipment procurement. A budget of Rs. 1 crore has been approved for this purpose.

Furthermore, a fund of Rs. 7.50 lakh has been allocated to ensure the successful execution of 44 tasks related to training and travel concerning bio-fertilizers throughout the state. In this series of activities, instructions have been issued by the Special Secretary to the Director of Agriculture. This will guarantee that the allocated funds are employed precisely in accordance with the government’s directives for the specified initiatives.

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