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  • Yogi government to renovate old dilapidated secondary school buildings

Yogi government to renovate old dilapidated secondary school buildings

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  • Govt to bear 75% of renovation cost, school management 25%
  • Proposal gets Govt’s nod in the Council of Ministers’ meeting

Our Correspondent

Lucknow: As part of its ongoing efforts to improve educational infrastructure in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Government has decided to renovate old and dilapidated secondary school buildings of the state. Private schools will also benefit from this scheme of the government.

According to the plan, 75 percent of the renovation cost will be borne by the government and the rest 25 percent by the school management system. The plan has already been approved by the Council of Ministers, informed Finance Minister Suresh Khanna at Lok Bhavan on Tuesday.

Older plan amended

Elaborating on the proposals passed in the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Suresh Khanna said that the government had come up with similar scheme last year also, according to which 50 percent each of the renovation cost was to be borne by the government and the school management. However, seeing indifference towards this scheme, now the government has amended it and would provide 75 percent of the cost. The school management also has the liberty to use their CSR funds for meeting 25 percent of the renovation cost of school buildings. Besides, money can also be arranged from MP’s and MLA’s funds for the ambitious project.

50 year old schools will be rejuvenated first

Khanna added that under this scheme, the government will first rejuvenate schools which are more than 50 years old. After this, 40 years, then 30 years old schools will be taken care of. Under the scheme, special attention will be paid to the construction of floors, roofs, separate toilets for girls among other things. The government will release funds for this in three installments in the ratio of 40:40:20. The objective of the scheme is to provide a safe place of study to the school students.

Govt for enforcing mandatory submission of IDs strictly to stay in hotels

Giving information about other important decisions of the Council of Ministers, the Finance Minister said that the rule of identification for passengers staying in hotels will now be strictly implemented. He said that information was being received for a long time that many hotels were giving rooms to customers without IDs. After some incidents, it has been decided to implement it strictly. Hotel operators will be allowed to rent out rooms only after taking IDs of the customers. If this is not done, action will be taken as per rules.

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