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  • Vanish Launches New Campaign to #VanishTheDifference in Children’s Uniforms, Aims to ‘Make Uniforms, Uniform Again’

Vanish Launches New Campaign to #VanishTheDifference in Children’s Uniforms, Aims to ‘Make Uniforms, Uniform Again’

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Delhi, India:  Vanish, a leading fabric stain removal brand and premium laundry additive, has launched #VanishTheDifference campaign for its new fabric whitener, Vanish Crystal White. With the mission to ‘Make Uniforms, Uniform Again’, the campaign aims to showcase that variations in uniform brightness should not become the reason for children to lose out on any opportunity.

School uniforms were intended to ensure equal treatment for all students, fostering a sense of equality regardless of their background. Many schools have at least one of the uniforms in white, which often lose their brightness after few washes. This often goes unnoticed by parents and may seem insignificant; however, a dull uniform can significantly impact a child who might miss out on opportunities due to differences in uniform appearance compared to their peers. With this campaign, Vanish focuses on spreading the message that uniforms should never become a reason for loss of opportunity for any child, by making uniforms, uniform again.

Saurabh Jain, Regional Marketing Director, Hygiene, Reckitt – South Asia said, “Vanish, with its revolutionary formulation, consistently aims to provide consumers with solutions to their garment woes, ensuring their clothes last longer, look brighter and stay whiter. ‘Vanish the Difference’ is our effort to ensure every child has an equal opportunity to thrive, free from the constraints of their uniform’s appearance. We urge you to join us to make uniforms, uniform again and creating a more inclusive future for all students.”

Conceptualised by Havas Worldwide India, the campaign comprises of an ad film emphasizing the true essence of uniforms: Ensuring equal opportunity to all, regardless of their background. The film portrays a child being displaced from the front of the line during a school function due to his faded uniform. As a consequence of this disparity, the child misses the opportunity to meet his idol, leaving him disheartened.

Anupama Ramaswamy, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide India, said, “As we grew up, we all had limited sets of uniforms for school. Our parents did whatever they could to make the uniforms stay white. But at school, we did see certain children being reprimanded for the condition of their uniforms, particularly if they lost their whiteness. It’s ironic because uniforms were created so that everyone is treated equally, regardless of the background. Unfortunately, the same uniform is the reason for disparity now.”

Recognising this contradiction, we saw an opportunity to instigate positive change with Vanish. Our goal is to ensure every uniform is the same shade of white, effectively ‘Vanishing the difference’ and making uniforms, uniform again. Vanish is available in both powders and liquids and across different sizes ranging from 30g/180ml to 400g/800ml at a price range starting from INR 15. It is available across the country in modern trade stores, e-commerce sites and local kirana stores.

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