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UP’s handicraft industry shines out at UP International Trade Show

  • Massive handicrafts sale recorded, 75,000 B2B export orders placed at UP Trade Show
  • CM Yogi’s vision for UP’s small industries gets global acclaim
  • UP International Trade Show 2023 ends on a successful note in Greater Noida
  • Over 300,000 attendees at five-day UP International Trade Show
  • 300 women entrepreneurs showcase products at UP Trade Show
  • Global Presence: 500 buyers from 60 countries gather at UP Trade Show

By Our Correspondent

Greater Noida: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s determination to globally spotlight Uttar Pradesh’s handicrafts and small-scale industries proved successful in the inaugural UP International Trade Show 2023 with products selling like hot cakes throughout the five-day event.

The event, held at India Expo Center and Mart from September 21 to 25, concluded this Monday with three lakh individuals attending the event and showing notable interest
in the state’s handicrafts, garments, and electronics.

Exhibitors were particularly pleased to secure over 75,000 B2B export orders.

500 foreign buyers from 60 countries participated in the trade show

Over 200 stalls were put up at the show with participation of approximately 300 women entrepreneurs hailing from various districts of Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, female entrepreneurs who had established their ventures under the Uttar Pradesh Rural Livelihood Mission were given a platform to display their items.

On the event’s concluding day, distinguished guests such as Narayan Rane, Union Minister of MSME Ministry, Government of India, graced the occasion. Also in attendance were Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma, Union Minister of State, MSME Ministry, Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi, Industrial Development and Export Promotion Minister of Uttar Pradesh, and Rakesh Sachan, Cabinet Minister of MSME and Khadi Textiles.

Number one trade show, says Union MSME Minister Narayan Rane

During this event, Narayan Rane, the Union Minister of MSME Ministry, Government of India, expressed his delight at the progressive atmosphere in Uttar Pradesh. He praised Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi for making this trade show the top-rated event thus far.

Rane emphasized the ongoing development across various sectors in the state, envisioning Uttar Pradesh’s ascent to the position of the best state soon. He underlined the state’s pivotal role in achieving India’s ambition to become the world’s third-largest economy by 2030. Rane pointed out the shift in job dynamics, highlighting that the state’s residents, who previously sought employment elsewhere, now have promising opportunities within Uttar Pradesh due to its burgeoning industries and conducive environment. He commended the Chief Minister’s holistic approach to development in the state.

Trade show will prove to be a milestone in making UP a trillion dollar economy: Nandi

On this occasion, Nand Gopal Nandi, Industrial Development and Export Promotion Minister of Uttar Pradesh Government said that Uttar Pradesh was moving towards becoming the best state in the country. In the UP Global Investors Summit held in February this year, roadshows were conducted in 17 countries, as a result of which the state received investment proposals worth Rs 36 lakh crore.

He said that this trade show will prove to be a milestone in achieving the Chief Minister’s dream of making the state a trillion dollar economy. Nandi said that the state is not only progressing rapidly in terms of domestic and international airports, but is also ahead of other states in terms of expressways.

Trade fair will become an annual affair: Rakesh Sachan

Rakesh Sachan, the Cabinet Minister for MSME and Khadi Textiles, emphasized that this trade show marks a significant milestone in attracting investments to the state. He noted the enthusiasm witnessed during the event, stating that it has encouraged the government to commit to organizing it annually, foreseeing the positive impact it will have on investment in Uttar Pradesh.

The crowd increased with each passing day

On the opening day of UP International Trade Show 2023, September 21, the attendance was relatively sparse. However, as the event progressed, the number of attendees steadily grew. The second day saw 48,000 visitors, which surged to 70,000 on the third day. The fourth day witnessed a notable increase, surpassing 88,000 attendees. Finally, on the fifth and concluding day, the numbers exceeded 90,000 visitors.

Handicraft products should be everyone’s attraction

The largest crowd of people at the trade show was observed at the handicraft products stalls situated in Hall No. 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15. Clothing stalls also garnered significant attention from visitors. Exhibitors capitalized on this demand by offering discounts on clothing sales. The event showcased glimpses of Uttar Pradesh’s rich social and cultural heritage, featuring exhibits on food, clothing, tourism, and prominent local products.

Exhibitors thank CM Yogi

Shaili, who reached the trade show with her handloom garments, said that she got a great platform to showcase her products through the international trade show. The best thing was that they also got a large number of international buyers.

National Awardee craftsman Tarun Kumar Singh, associated with the pink enamel industry, said that for the first time he has got a chance to display his products in such an organized manner. He said that while the sales were good, he also received orders worth around Rs four and a half lakh.

Exhibitor Vikas Prajapati, who brought black pottery from Azamgarh, also talked about the good sales and orders. Apart from this, Ameesha from New Delhi, who reached the trade show, said that very unique items were being seen here. Ameesha purchased herbal products.

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