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UP Police harness the power of millions of CCTV cameras to combat crime effectively

  • 6,28,283 CCTVs were installed in five months by running a campaign in the state
  • CCTV Surveillance unveils 1355 incidents, marking a significant achievement for UP Police

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: Before 2017, the Uttar Pradesh Police faced challenges using traditional methods to solve crimes, often taking years to catch culprits. Thanks to the Yogi government’s commitment to zero tolerance for crime, the police force has embraced smart policing by installing 7,22,161 CCTVs at 3,21,635 locations across the state. This shift has made investigations quicker and revealed 1355 incidents that might have gone unnoticed. The move towards technology is helping the police keep the state safer and respond faster to criminal activities.

The pilot project was started from the Gorakhpur zone

Along with making the cities of UP convenient, smart security arrangements are also the priority of the Yogi government. To ensure the safety of the state’s cities, the government is employing multi-level monitoring through the Integrated Control Command Center (ICCC). Simultaneously, the UP Police is engaging in smart policing practices to combat crime by installing CCTV cameras throughout the state. This initiative extends to connecting police stations with CCTV to facilitate transparent justice for the people.

Under the leadership of CM Yogi, the UP Police proactively integrated itself with CCTV, proving instrumental in unveiling heinous crimes and apprehending criminals. The pilot project commenced in the Gorakhpur zone, where, with public cooperation, 46,478 CCTV cameras were strategically installed. This initiative exposed approximately a hundred incidents in the Gorakhpur zone, including cases of dacoity/robbery, murders, kidnapping, rape, theft, distortion, and other offences. Following this success, the UP Police launched a widespread campaign, installing 6,28,283 CCTVs at 2,48,116 locations across the state in just five months, demonstrating the government’s commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced security and transparency.

Police exposed 1355 incidents through smart policing

During the campaign, a total of 1,83,561 CCTVs were installed across seven commissionerates in the state, encompassing 79,135 locations. Prayagraj Commissionerate took the lead by installing the highest number of CCTVs, totaling 56,920 at 29,188 locations, followed by Gautam Buddha Nagar Commissionerate with 31,244 CCTVs at 11,523 places.

The Kanpur City Commissionerate secured the third position, where 30,746 CCTVs were installed at 11,275 locations. Additionally, across the state’s eight zones, 4,44,722 CCTVs were deployed at 1,68,981 locations. This comprehensive CCTV network, part of the UP Police’s smart policing initiative, was pivotal in exposing 1,355 cases of heinous crimes statewide. These cases include 209 instances of dacoity/robbery, 82 murders, 46 cases of kidnapping/kidnapping for ransom, 32 cases of rape/molestation, 574 cases of theft/homicide, and 412 other offences.

Notable revelations include Ghaziabad Commissionerate leading in dacoity/robbery cases, Gautam Budh Nagar revealing four murder cases and 39 theft cases. Agra zone exposed the highest number of dacoity/robbery cases at 50, Meerut leading with 18 cases of murder, Agra with 18 cases of kidnapping/ransom, Varanasi with 12 cases of rape/molestation, 179 cases of theft/extortion, and 70 other cases.





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