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UP govt will renovate twelve Madhav temples of Prayagraj ahead of Maha Kumbh

  • Yogi govt prepares a complete road map for the rejuvenation of Dwadash Madhav temples
  • UP Tourism Department presents a detailed presentation of development of all Madhav temples of Prayagraj before CM Yogi
  • Heavy damage was caused to twelve Madhav temples during the Mughal and British periods

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: In line with efforts to develop and expand basic facilities in the key pilgrimage sites of the state, the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh is working on the rejuvenation of the twelve (dwadash) Madhav temples in Prayagraj.

It is noteworthy that Uttar Pradesh boasts significant potential for religious tourism. Cities such as Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya, Naimisharanya, Chitrakoot, Gorakhpur, Vindhyachal, and Prayagraj hold central importance in the beliefs of Sanatanis worldwide. In recent years, religious tourism has emerged as a pivotal sector within the state, contributing not only to increased revenue but also to substantial employment opportunities.

Twelve Madhav temples will be revived ahead of Maha Kumbh

On the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the UP Tourism Department has prepared a complete road map for the development of all the Madhav temples in Prayagraj. Following a presentation the Tourism Department recently gave on this topic, CM Yogi instructed the department to begin work on the transformation of the twelve Madhav temples in time for the upcoming Mahakumbh in 2025.

The Chief Minister’s vision is to present the twelve Madhav circuit as a sacred pilgrimage site to saints and devotees from across the globe ahead of Mahakumbh-2025. In this 125-kilometer long spiritual circuit, along with pilgrimage, the development of essential tourism facilities will also be done.

Maharishi Bhardwaj used to circumambulate all the Madhav temples

Lord Madhav is worshiped as the main deity of Prayagraj, and his twelve forms are established in Prayagraj. According to mythological belief, Lord Krishna took on these twelve forms to protect the Sangam in Prayagraj. The Matsya Purana mentions that the circumambulation of the twelve Madhav temples grants the pilgrim the virtue of seeing all the pilgrimage places and deities. Many sages and monks, including Maharshi Bharadwaj, continued to perform this circumambulation.

Unfortunately, during the Mughal and British colonial periods, these twelve temples fell into disrepair, and even after independence, they remained neglected by successive governments. Rampant encroachments around the Madhav temples have emerged as a significant challenge for the government.

Shankh Madhav in Jhusi and Gada Madhav in Naini have completely become victims of encroachment. In some areas, there are no clear pathways, while in others, only narrow two-foot-wide passages remain. Now, the government of Uttar Pradesh has taken the initiative to restore the twelve Madhav temples to their former glory.

Several facilities will be developed

On the instructions of the Chief Minister, the development of facilities will include the construction of grand main entrances at the temples, along with boundary walls, public toilets, the provision of drinking water, shoe racks, interlocking and landscaping, pathways, roads, footpaths, benches, wall paintings, dustbins, passenger sheds, lighting arrangements, and parking facilities.

In the first phase, the transformation of nine Madhav temples will take place. The Chief Minister has directed tourism department officials to provide a grand appearance to Sankasht Har Madhav and Shankh Madhav in Jhusi, Bindu Madhav in Draupadi Ghat, Anant Madhav in Chaufatka, Manohar Madhav in Chowk, Padm Madhav in Bikar village, Gada Madhav in Chhivanki, Adiveni Madhav and Chakra Madhav in Arail.

List of various Madhav Temples

1: Sri Veni Madhava: He is the city deity of Prayag. His temple is on the banks of Triveni in Daraganj.
2: Akshayavat Madhav: He is situated in the middle of Ganga-Yamuna.
3: Anant Madhav: There is an ancient temple of Anant Madhav in Daraganj.
4: Asi Madhav: Asi Madhav resides near Nagavasuki temple.
5: Manohar Madhav: There is a temple of Manohar Madhav in Johnsanganj.
6: Bindu Madhav: Bindu Madhav resides near Draupadi Ghat.
7: Shri Adi Vat Madhav: Adi Madhav is situated in the form of water in the middle of the Sangam.
8: Chakra Madhav: Chakra Madhav is situated near Someshwar Temple in Arail in the Agni corner of Prayag.
9: Sri Gada Madhav: There is an ancient temple of Gada Madhav near Chhivanki railway station situated across the Yamuna.
10: Padma Madhav: Padma Madhav is situated in Bikar Deoria village on Bihta road ahead of Ghurpur on Yamuna.
11: Sankasht Har Madhav: Sankasht Har Madhav resides in a banyan tree on the banks of Ganga in Jhusi.
12: Shankh Madhav: In Chhatnag, Jhunsi, Shankh Madhav is considered to be located in Munshi’s Bageecha.





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