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  • This Mothers’ Day, say it with the Gift of Wellbeing; Experiential Spa Gifts for Moms from Tattva

This Mothers’ Day, say it with the Gift of Wellbeing; Experiential Spa Gifts for Moms from Tattva

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

For generations, Mother’s Day has been synonymous with a predictable (yet well-meaning) routine: flowers, a heartfelt card, and maybe brunch if you’re feeling particularly ambitious. Honestly, the gifting landscape is evolving. Consumers are increasingly seeking experiences over materialistic objects, prioritizing wellness and quality time over fleeting gestures.

With Mothers’ day round the corner, Tattva has introduced unique wellness spa experiences with some fun additions to accentuate the Mothers day celebration like never before. These packages make for the perfect Gift not only for one’s Mother or Grandmother but also for a wife who is a mother to your naughty kids, a friend who is a new mother, someone who is a pet-mom or someone you consider a mother-figure. Why is that? You ask? This is because some gentle pampering is always welcome & the Tattva Wellness Spa team never disappoints. Tattva Wellness Spa Gifts are easy to shop online ( and deliver an E-Gift card instantly. One can also add a heartfelt personalized note for mom with this Gift. For the Mom’s who like the finer things in life, Tattva has an option of ordering a plush Gift box too.

These three unique Mother’s Day Gifts are designed to melt away the stress, rekindle her spirit, and rejuvenate truly. Gift mom the deep nurturing she deserves with a therapeutic massage, rejuvenating facial and more. Imagine her sinking into a plush robe, soothing fragrances surrounded by Mothers’ day special decor and the calming glow of candles. The calming ambience, paired with indulgent treats will leave her feeling pampered and stress-free.

1. Mother’s Day Pampering – Tattva Spa Gift – INR 7200

Sometimes, the ultimate gift is the space to simply be. Tattva’s “Mother’s Day Pampering” package offers a haven for Mom to unwind and recharge. This 90-minute escape allows her to choose between a rejuvenating massage or a revitalizing facial, both expertly done by therapists. The experience is further enhanced by decadent chocolates, dry fruits, and a refreshing drink, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted for pure indulgence.

2. Mom & Daughter Spa Getaway – Tattva Spa Gift – INR 9200

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it can also be all-encompassing. Our “Mom & Daughter Spa Getaway” offers a chance to reconnect and strengthen the special bond between mothers and daughters. Imagine the two of you side-by-side, sharing a blissful 60-minute massage or facial. The serene ambience, complete with cozy decor and soothing music, sets the stage for heartfelt conversations and unforgettable moments. As you indulge in delectable chocolates, dry fruits, and refreshing drinks, the experience transcends pampering, becoming a memory you’ll both cherish.

3. Mom Deserves the Best of Everything – Tattva Spa Gift – INR 11,000

For the woman who truly deserves the best, our “Mom Deserves the Best of Everything” package is an indulgent ode to appreciation. Imagine Mom basking in the glow of a 60-minute facial, followed by her choice of a soothing foot or head massage. This pampering doesn’t stop there. We’ve included a gift card worth INR 2000, allowing her to extend the celebration with a delicious lunch or dinner on us. The cozy room decor and soothing ambience create a haven for pure relaxation, where she can truly feel valued and cherished. To elevate the experience further, we’ve included decadent chocolates, dry fruits, and a refreshing drink, alongside a delightful spa gift from VILASA by Tattva. Our pampering Gift of wellness includes 100% pure soy wax aromatherapy candles, premium foot therapy cream, Ayurvedic hair therapy oil, or spa aroma clay diffusers – a thoughtful token to extend the spa experience at home.

A note from the Founder

As a working mother myself, I understand the constant juggle and the toll it takes,” says Shipra Sharma, Co-founder of Tattva Wellness Spa. “I personally owe everything that I have accomplished to my mom who has always been my logical sounding board & source of energy. I am not sure if we can ever thank Mom’s enough for all they do for us. This Mother’s Day, we want to offer a chance to all who are celebrating Moms & motherhood, to gift wellbeing & pampering. Our Mothers’ Day Spa Gifts are designed to provide a multi-sensory escape that goes beyond the ordinary. It’s a gift of self-care that Mom will cherish long after the day is done.

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