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St. Karen’s High School Launches Inspiring Orientation Program for Class XI Students and Parents

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Patna, June 24: St. Karen’s High School successfully conducted the orientation program for Class XI students and parents on June 24, 2024. Held in the school’s auditorium, the event marked the beginning of an exciting academic journey for the new students. The orientation was conducted in two sessions: one for Science and another for Commerce and Humanities.

Principal Mrs. Seema Singh addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of this fransitional phase. “Class XI is a critical year, laying the foundation for future academic and career success,” she remarked. She also elaborated on discipline, co-curricular activities, and counselling services provided in the school campus. The orientation covered the school’s code of conduct, dress code, attendance policies, and examination schedules to ensure students are well-prepared.

Mrs. Shefali Shrivastav, Supervisor of St. Karen’s Group of Schools, addressed the gathering and highlighted the incorporation of competitive examination guidance alongside the board examination syllabus and gave the view point of the school management.

Recent graduates shared their experiences and achievements virtually, discussing their academic journeys, extracurricular successes, and the valuable lessons learned at St. Karen’s. Their inspiring stories provided motivation and insight for the new Class XI students.

Dr. Manish Barriarr, an esteemed alumnus with an MBA from Oxford University and head of IMS Mumbai, India’s leading test preparation institute for IPMAT and CLAT, also addressed the students and parents.

The Vice Principal, Mr. Sanjay Joseph spoke on good parenting and maximizing parental support. The +2 in charge Mr Michael P Nayagam introduced the faculty members of Class XI, who warmly welcomed the students and expressed their eagemess to guide them through this crucial academic phase, concluding the event.

St. Karen’s High School is committed to providing a holistic education that prepares students academically, socially, and emotionally. We look forward to a productive and successful academic year and extend our best wishes to the new Class XI students.



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