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St. Karen’s High School inspires Cleanliness and Civic Responsibility in Patna

  • A Successful “Swachhata Hi Seva-2023” Initiative

Patna: On October 1, 2023 at 10.00 am, Students from St. Karen’s High School in Patna have taken a remarkable step towards promoting cleanliness and environmental consciousness by organizing an impactful cleanliness event and an engaging “Nukkad Natak.” This initiative, aligned with the “Swachhata Hi Seva-2023” drive by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, witnessed the active participation of 50 students and 10 dedicated staff members, according to school principal Seema Singh.

Cleanliness Drive: Equipped with cleaning equipment and an unwavering determination, the students, along with their teachers and staff, were engaged in a dedicated cleanliness drive at the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park. They worked diligently to remove litter and debris, enhancing the park’s beauty.

Nukkad Natak: The students’ creativity and dedication shone through in their powerful
“Nukkad Natak” (street play) on cleanliness. Through compelling storytelling and impactful
performances, they conveyed the importance of maintaining a clean environment and
practicing good hygiene habits. The audience, captivated by their performances, left with a
lasting impression.

Audience Participation: The event received a positive response from the audience, including park visitors and staff. Many were inspired by the students’ efforts and pledged to keep their surroundings clean. The event fostered a sense of community and responsibility among attendees.

Slogans and Cloth Bags: The event featured attractive posters and slogans on cleanliness, creating visual impact. Additionally, environment-friendly cloth bags were distributed to promote sustainable practices among attendees.

St. Karen’s High School’s participation in the “Swachhata Hi Seva-2023” drive underscores its commitment to creating responsible citizens who care for their environment and





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