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Seamless Possibilities Are Now a Reality Launch of Ecophon fade® in India

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:  Ecophon’s initiative of spreading good acoustics in the Indian market has been a successful one for last 14 years. Especially through products with high sound absorption, be it modular ceilings, free-hanging Solos or wall panels.
Ecophon products have not only helped customers achieve good acoustics in their premises but have also ensured to provide meticulous design solutions to enhance the look and feel of the interior space. At Ecophon, we have made full transparency a cornerstone of our sustainability activities.

However, there was always a need for something seamless which wouldn’t compromise on the acoustic performance and at the same time enhance the aesthetics. And this is how Ecophon fade® has met all the expectations.

On 9th June 2023, Ecophon India officially launched Ecophon fade® at a glittering evening in Mumbai. The event was attended by renowned architects, end-users & acoustic consultants.

The guests in the event were given a brief presentation on Ecophon business and fade®.

Few words from our clients about the launch:

“The launch event was really good and I am very excited about Ecophon Fade, even as I look forward to its application in our projects,” says Ar. Jatin Asher, Director- Square 3 Designs

“I have known about fade and have seen the same in some of the projects in the Middle East. I’m glad to know that it is a part of Ecophon now. Since we have known the Ecophon team locally and they have been very prompt on project communication,” says Architect & Acoustic Consultant Rolins Thomas Roy of Rolins Arcoustics LLP.

“Our customers in India are always keen for greater design possibilities without compromising on the acoustic performance. Ecophon fade® is a perfect blend of high sound absorption & good aesthetics and therefore makes an ideal solution for intricate design solutions,” says Prateek Tandon, Business Unit Manager- Ecophon India.



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