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  • ‘Rahat Chaupal’ will make people aware of disasters in UP

‘Rahat Chaupal’ will make people aware of disasters in UP

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  • Yogi Govt issues alert for possibility of excessive rains and floods in some districts of UP
  • Instructions given for organizing Rahat Chaupal for flood management and conducting relief and rescue measures in sensitive villages
  • Objective of ‘Rahat Choupal’ is to prevent and reduce the loss caused by calamity

By Our Correspondent 

Lucknow: The Yogi government has geared up to tackle flood situation in some districts of Uttar Pradesh caused by excessive rains and with rivers in spate. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to organize ‘Rahat Chaupal’ for flood management as well as conducting relief and rescue operations in sensitive villages of the districts.

The aim of Rahat Choupal is to prevent the damage caused by a disaster like floods and to make people aware of necessary actions to take during such a calamity.

Various departments will participate

Relief Commissioner GS Naveen Kumar said that in some districts of the state, it has been raining for the past few days. Due to heavy rain in the state, it is necessary to take action regarding flood management, relief and rescue works in the districts. He further added that Rahat Choupals are to be organized in all the flood-sensitive villages of the district.

Along with the people of the community and the village head, Revenue, Irrigation, Police, Health, Animal Husbandry, Panchayati Raj, Child Development and Nutrition, Education, Public Works Department, Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Logistics Department and Energy Department. Regional village-level employees and representatives of other departments will participate in chaupal.

The Relief Commissioner said that the main objective of Rahat Choupal is to prevent/reduce the losses due to disasters and to protect the general public from the side effects of possible floods at the village level. Additionally, it is necessary to make people aware of what they should do in case of a calamity in future.

He further directed that the district magistrates should conduct at lease five Rahat Chaupals in villages, followed by 10 by the Additional District Magistrate, 15 by the Deputy District Magistrate and 20 by the individual participation of Tehsildar in the chaupal. He also instructed Naib Tehsildar and senior administrative officers to participate in all Rahat Chaupals in their area.

Rescue team will be introduced to the villagers

GS Naveen said that due to the possibility of flood, the Rahat Choupal should be organized on a priority basis in every Majra of the sensitive village and all the officers/employees present at the chaupal, especially the revenue personnel who are directly responsible for disaster relief, should answer queries of the villagers. Local accountants, revenue inspectors, naib tehsildar etc. should be introduced to the villagers so that villagers know whom to contact in case of a disaster.

He stated that the representative of the Irrigation Department should tell the community about the anti-flood works being carried out by the department, as well as arrangements that have been made for their safety.

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