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Political Wrestling Paves Way for Popularity of Wrestling as Sport in Bhagalpur

By Avijit Biswas

Bhagalpur: Witnessing wrestling championships is fast becoming a favourite pastime for people in rural areas. In this politically sensitive state where political wrestling in nothing unusual popularity of wrestling as sport in recent years is definitely a new development.

This district could be a case in point to substantiate increasing popularity of wrestling. Practice of organizing wrestling championships particularly on occasion of festivals has increased considerably.  Two major wrestling championships are presently underway respectively in Sultanganj and Sabour areas of district.

Both championships commenced on occasion of Maha Shivratri last week. Previously a similar wrestling championship was organized few months back at Pirpainty area.

Though apparently there is nothing political about increasing popularity of wrestling championships however as per locals of rural areas who didn’t wanted to be quoted it is political aspirants mainly involved in organizing wrestling championships.

Connecting with people through wrestling championships is major motive of political aspirants involved in organizing such championships, they say. As per old timers wrestling used to be a popular sport in rural areas of district. However wrestling took backseat as sport with popularity of other sports like cricket and football.

“Akhara” culture which played vital role in grooming of “Pahalwans” in rural areas was virtually lost with passage of time; old timers were of the opinion. Hare Krishna Singh , a native of Sahkund area who is in advanced age at present remembering his childhood days said in those days becoming wrestler used to be dream of young people in number of cases.

Whatever may be immediate reason behind popularity of wrestling championships in district it is definitely good to see wrestling is back again in rural areas, he added.

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In the ongoing championships the local wrestlers are competing with wrestlers from outside state who are here for participation in championships. The wrestlers from outside state participating in championships in number of cases are from Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The local participants in championship include wrestlers from this district besides other adjoining districts.




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