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Our government stands with farmers, will not let them suffer, says UP CM Yogi

  • Our government is providing compensation to farmers affected by floods and droughts: CM Yogi

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: While discussing the impact of floods and droughts in the Legislative Assembly’s monsoon session on Friday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath provided information about the state government’s efforts to compensate farmers for their losses and ensure their protection.

During the session, the Chief Minister said, “The state government stands with the farmers, and no farmer will suffer any losses. Our government has already disbursed compensation to 4500 affected farmers in the first phase.”

Uttar Pradesh’s situation is better than many states

Chief Minister Yogi stated that the monsoon usually enters Uttar Pradesh between June 15 and 20, however, this year’s overall rainfall cannot be termed favorable, excluding the initial rainfall. He mentioned that the state government has already held meetings to formulate its strategy to deal with the flood situation.

The Chief Minister mentioned that the flood situation in the Himalayan rivers has caused damage to several crops. He said that orders for assessment have been issued. “Despite this, Uttar Pradesh’s condition is comparatively better than many other states in the country”, he said.

Yogi Adityanath further stated that 88 percent of the crops have been sown. He mentioned that efforts have been made in the first phase to provide compensation to 4,500 farmers affected by floods and drought.

He further asserted that the government provided around Rs 60 crore in compensation to 61,320 farmers in 2017-18. He further continued that Rs 212 crore were given to 3,84,113 farmers in 2018-19 while Rs 64.32 crore were provided in 2019-20. Similarly, Rs 120 crore were given in 2020-21, Rs 475 crore were given in 2021-22, and Rs 427 crore in 2022–23 were provided to the farmers as compensation.

27 thousand dry ration kits were distributed this year

CM Yogi said that besides floods and drought, the state government has taken many other steps. He said that there was flooding in western UP, but more than 40 districts experienced drought this time.

He mentioned that the Irrigation and power corporations worked at their level in many places, and nodal officers and responsible ministers visited districts. He informed that the state government worked for the relief of flood-affected people.

“In 2017, when I visited flood-affected people in Sitapur and Lakhimpur for the first time, I found out that they were being given ‘dry bread.’ The money for disaster relief used to be mismanaged”, he added.

The Chief Minister said that the state government decided to prepare relief kits, including 10 kg of rice, 10 kg of wheat flour, 10 kg of potatoes, lentils, salt, matchsticks, spices, and kerosene, for the victims. He mentioned that dignity kits for women were also made available.

The CM mentioned that this year, 26,964 dry ration kits were provided to flood-affected people, and 2,550 dignity kits were also given. He said that 909 flood shelters were set up, and fodder was arranged for animals. Furthermore, medical camps, vaccinations for animals, and extra boats were arranged in the affected areas. The Chief Minister said that the administration’s actions and the involvement of public representatives led to a sense of satisfaction among the public.

The Chief Minister stated that in the state, 403 mm of rainfall is considered normal, but in recent years, it has been observed that the irregularity in the weather cycle affects the farmers the most. “Out of the expected 403 mm of rainfall, only 303 mm of rainfall has occurred so far this year,” he added.

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