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  • Online Sellers Strike Gold with 300 Percent Profits at Zero Inventory Cost via Baapstore’s 5G Dropshipping Platform

Online Sellers Strike Gold with 300 Percent Profits at Zero Inventory Cost via Baapstore’s 5G Dropshipping Platform

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With Baapstore’s revolutionary 5G Dropshipping Platform, anybody can start an e-commerce business as easy as booking an Uber. Sellers has to just focus on sales, while Baapstore takes care of everything else, quite literally!
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:  The world of e-commerce is witnessing a transformative wave, and at the forefront of this revolution stands Baapstore, the leading dropshipping platform for millions of online sellers. As more individuals and businesses venture into the digital marketplace, the age-old barriers to entry are crumbling, thanks to the innovative approach of dropshipping.

Understanding the Dropshipping Business Model

The traditional eCommerce model often requires significant investments in inventory, warehousing, and logistics. Assume that one wants to start an e-commerce business, he would need to have a minimum investment of INR 700,000 (7lacs) just to source the products and catalogue it. With India’s current per capita national income standing at INR 172,000, this kind of capital makes it difficult for most of the population to start their business. This not only locks the capital but also presents risks in the form of unsold products and storage costs.

Enter dropshipping, a revolutionary business model that breaks these barriers.

In the dropshipping model, online sellers partner with dropship suppliers who stock the products. The sellers, in turn, list these products on their e-commerce platforms and market them to consumers. When a customer places an order, it’s shipped directly from the dropship supplier to the customer’s doorstep. This model eliminates the need for inventory and significantly reduces financial risk allowing sellers to focus on sales and profits.

Baapstore’s 5G Dropshipping: A Game-Changer in Indian e-commerce

Baapstore’s 5G Dropshipping Platform takes the dropshipping model to new heights with its five unbeatable guarantees:

  • Guarantee 1: Largest Collections of Dropshipping Products: Baapstore boasts an astonishing selection of over 150,000 products, encompassing 7000+ SKUs across 15+ diverse categories. It’s the largest assortment of dropshipping products one can find anywhere.
  • Guarantee 2: 50% Lower Than Wholesale Price Even for Single Product: Baapstore promises that all their inventory are available at 50% lower than wholesale prices, even for single shipments. This gives freedom to set high margins for sellers. For example, a product that costs 800rs at retail price would be available with Baapstore at just merely 200 rs allowing sellers to have up to 400% profit margin.
  • Guarantee 3: Lowest Shipping Cost of Flat 49rs: Indian online sellers spend around 15% of total order value on shipping expenses. Baapstore offers a flat 49rs shipping fee irrespective of the order weight, value, or distance. Assume this, one can sell multiple products worth 20,000rs, weighing 15kgs and ship between Kashmir to Kanyakumari for a flat 49rs only. Baapstore challenges no other player- big or small, can operate at this cost.
  • Guarantee 4: Automated Websites: Baapstore doesn’t stop at just dropshipping. They provide sellers with an advanced website that automates stock and order syncing, eliminating any and every kind of manual work. The websites come with mobile responsiveness which makes it easier for end customers to buy directly from their smartphones.
  • Guarantee 5: Strong Marketing Support: Baapstore’s resellers can use some strong integrated marketing tools including affiliate marketing tool, along with a free digital marketing course, and one surprise element. Baapstore did not reveal the surprise element as it’s strictly meant only for their resellers.

With these guarantees, Baapstore assures that their resellers do not need any other partner or need to spend on anything else since Baapstore provides everything required for a successful e-commerce business in-house.

Anybody Can Become An Online Seller with This Indian Innovation

  • Baapstore’s 5G Dropshipping platform caters to people from various backgrounds like Digital Marketing, IT Sector, Non-IT employees, Housewives, and Students who are getting online setting up their dream business. This creates a positive environment for millions of first-generation entrepreneurs boosting the country’s economy.
  • While 5G Dropshipping is purely an Indian idea, Baapstore is completely built in India and handled by Indian team without any foreign interference which makes it an original Indian innovation. This aligns well with our country’s ambitious ‘Make in India’ policy.

In conclusion, the dropshipping revolution is in full swing, and Baapstore’s 5G Dropshipping Platform is changing the entire e-commerce game. Dropship sellers make more profits than traditional sellers which makes many to adopt dropshipping method. The barriers to entry in e-commerce are totally destroyed, and the opportunities have never been greater.


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