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  • OMRON Healthcare India Ropes in Milind Soman to Enhance Awareness Around BP Monitoring and Overall Health Management

OMRON Healthcare India Ropes in Milind Soman to Enhance Awareness Around BP Monitoring and Overall Health Management

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

OMRON Healthcare India, the Indian arm of the Japanese global leader in home blood pressure monitoring and solutions for cardiovascular disease management, has announced a collaboration with supermodel, film producer, and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman to enhance awareness around adopting home monitoring as an essential constituent of health regime.

This collaboration marks a significant stride in the realm of home health monitoring, underlining OMRONs commitment to enhancing the quality of lives of millions through technologically advanced and useful devices.

The collaboration’s objective is to raise awareness regarding the importance of adopting a sincere and continuous practice of blood pressure monitoring, and body composition & weight measurement to prevent onset as well as aggravation of lifestyle related disorders. Both Milind and OMRON urge to make monitoring an essential part of all fitness or weight management routines which most of the times is mostly ad hoc in nature.

Milind Soman’s dedicated approach to his well-being, which includes maintaining a healthy diet, consistent physical activity, and regular health check-ups, aligns harmoniously with OMRON ‘s vision of “Going for ZERO” focusing on preventive healthcare to reduce incidents of hypertension- led events to realise zero heart attacks and zero brain strokes.

The recent spike in cases of Heart attacks among youngsters is a worrisome trend. However, if regular monitoring starts at an early age, it can have a substantial long-term impact on the overall health of individuals. Awareness about comprehensive Hypertension management and data monitoring can be of great help in managing and preventing such cardiovascular events in the near future.

While speaking about the collaboration, Mr.Tetsuya Yamada, MD of OMORN Healthcare India, said, “In India, a critical necessity exists to raise consciousness regarding the significance of health screening. The inclusion of health screening within any fitness regimen is imperative. And Milind Soman embodies fitness in a holistic way that includes regular screenings as well. His credibility is unquestionable. OMRON had the opportunity to collaborate with him earlier and we are glad to open another chapter of our partnership with him that will enable us to connect with more consumers, reinforcing the message of ‘Life On With OMRON’.”

Milind Soman, a prominent figure in the fitness industry and a staunch advocate for healthy living, shared his excitement about the partnership, saying, “I am honoured to be associated with OMRON Healthcare India, a brand that shares my passion for promoting health and well-being. With OMRON’s advanced and useful devices, I believe we can inspire a health revolution in India, encouraging everyone to take charge of their health journey that would include monitoring.



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