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Names of Nearly 10000 School Students in Bhagalpur District Deleted for Having Less Than 50 Percent Attendance

By Avijit Biswas

Bhagalpur: Names of nearly ten thousand government school students having less than fifty percent attendance in schools have been struck off from school registers in this district taking together primary, secondary and high schools.

Names of students have been deregistered since work of regular inspection of schools and identification of students having less than fifty per cent attendance was initiated, in light of education department directive given by K K Pathak, additional chief secretary of department.

Jamal Mustafa, District Programme Officer (DPO), Sarv Siksha Abhiyan (SSA), Bhagalpur, contacted by View confirmed deletion of names of approximately ten thousand students from school registers having less than fifty per cent attendance.

The DPO said since work of identifying students having less than fifty percent attendance is underway, exact number of deletions that have taken place could be said only after consolidated figure is available. However, deletion of names of ten thousand students so far would not be an exaggerated figure, he added.

As per information at primary level enrollment of students both in private and government schools in many cases has been identified by education department as major reason for less than 50 percent attendance of students in government schools.

A local education department official said to avail benefits of government schemes, it has been found the students get enrolled in government schools while they study in private schools.

The secondary and high school students attending classes in coaching centres in school hours is reason their attendance is less than fifty percent in schools, the official added.

Meanwhile in an office order issued recently from office of District Education Officer (DEO) it has been stated that observation of inspection reports indicate despite strict actions, still there are schools in district where overall attendance of students is less than fifty percent.

Meanwhile under banner of Private Teachers Association (PTA), a rally was organized today by private teachers running coaching centers and organizing coaching classes, against move of district administration restricting them from organizing private coaching classes in school hours from 9 AM to 4PM.

In light of findings of education department, that in many cases students at secondary and high school levels attend coaching classes during school hours, restriction has been imposed on running coaching centres and organizing private tuition classes during school hours. The rallyists opposed move of administration on ground self- employment is their right and they would not allow anyone to curb their right

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  • Writer Avijit Biswas, former principal correspondent of Hindustan Times Bhagalpur bureau, can be contacted at biswasavijit@yahoo.comContact number (mobile): +919431095516





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