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Muzaffarpur defeat Darbhanga in BCA Senior Super League

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Patna: Muzaffarpur defeated Darbhanga by 48 runs in the BCA Senior Super League at the Moinul Haq Stadium here on Friday. Muzaffarpur scored 325 runs in the first innings, while Darbhanga scored 265 runs in their first innings. Muzaffarpur got a lead of 60 runs in the first innings. IN the second innings Muzaffarpur scored 147 runs and gave a target of 208 runs to Darbhanga to win. Chasing the target, Darbhanga were all out 159 runs,

On the last day of the match, Darbhanga resumed their innings at 264 runs for nine wickets and were all out after adding one run. In the second innings, Muzaffarpur scored runs at a fast pace and were all out after scoring 147 runs in 33.5 overs, and gave Darbhanga a target of 208 runs to win the match.

In the second innings, Aditya Kumar contributed 58 runs, Shivam Kumar 20 runs, Atulya Priyankar 30 runs and Vishal Raj contributed 19 runs for Muzaffarpur . Manish Kumar took 6 wickets, Navneet Jha took 2 wickets and Subhash and Brij took 1 wicket each from Darbhanga.

While chasing 208 to win, for Darbhanga Ayush scored 43 runs, Tripurari 19 runs, Altamas Asraf scored 49 runs and Abhishek Mahato scored 13 runs. For Muzaffarpur, Thakur Devashish took 8 wickets as Darbhanga were all out for 147 runs.


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