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Mission Shakti: Private security personnel to strengthen security of women further in UP

  • Yogi govt trains 771 personnel of private security agencies under the Safe City Project
  • 12 private security men rewarded for their remarkable work

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: With the aim to ensure the safety, respect, and self-reliance of women in Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi government has taken significant steps within the fourth phase of Mission Shakti. Under the Safe City Project, special care is being taken for the safety of women and daughters in 17 Municipal Corporations and Gautam Buddha Nagar.

This comprehensive approach involves installation of a network of CCTV cameras in these areas and the rapid integration of these cameras with UP-112 to ensure immediate response to an incident and action. Besides, employees of private security agencies have been trained considering the number of business activities and institutions in these cities to enhance security of women.

Over 771 personnel of private security agencies receive training

The Yogi government has acknowledged the significant role played by the registered private security agencies in 17 municipal corporations and in Gautam Buddha Nagar in enhancing security of women within the framework of the Safe City project in the state.

The private security agencies have been assessed and ranked based on their importance in these cities, according to which Ghaziabad holds the top position in the state, followed by Kanpur in the second place, while Meerut, Gautam Buddha Nagar and Bareilly rank third, fourth and fifth respectively.

It’s worth noting that these cities are experiencing rapid growth due to the increasing number of industrial establishments and corporate sector offices, and are integral to the Safe City project. This necessitated the private security agencies’ involvement in strengthening security in the state leading to the comprehensive training of the private security personnel.

Currently, there are 712 registered private security agencies in the state. In the last three months, 771 personnel from 124 agencies participated in 48 seminars, out of which 12 personnel were also rewarded for their good work.

The employees of the agencies will keep an eye on the hot spots in these cities. They will immediately inform the police about the molestation cases of women and girls in poorly lit zones near residential areas, localities and housing societies of the city.

Ghaziabad has 178 private security agencies, Kanpur has 101, Meerut has 98, Gautam Buddha Nagar has 74, Bareilly has 67, Lucknow has 55, Prayagraj has 42, Agra has 23, Saharanpur has 23, Aligarh has 15, Moradabad has 15, and Shahjahanpur has 15 registered agencies. In addition, there are six agencies registered in Uttar Pradesh, six in Jhansi, three in Varanasi, three in Ayodhya, and three in Mathura. There are no registered agencies in Gorakhpur and Firozabad.





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