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  • Mission Rozgar: CM Yogi distributes appointment letters to 7720 Lekhpals

Mission Rozgar: CM Yogi distributes appointment letters to 7720 Lekhpals

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By Our Correspondent

Lucknow, July 10: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Wednesday, distributed appointment letters to 7,720 Lekhpals, selected through a fair and transparent recruitment process by the Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission, during the Mission Rozgar program held at Lok Bhavan.

Advising the newly appointed Lekhpals on their responsibilities, Yogi stated, “This selection process was carried out with complete fairness and transparency with no discrimination, or need for recommendations. It is your duty to work diligently, without relying on recommendations, to enhance both the ease of doing business in the state and the quality of life for the poor.”

He further emphasized, “Your energy and talent should be focused on improving the lives of the poor. Your positive cooperation is crucial in attracting investment opportunities, and the general public and youth should receive timely support in obtaining caste, residence, and income certificates.”

The Chief Minister stressed the importance of timely completion of proceedings related to inheritance, transfers, and land measurement. “You should uphold a positive reputation among the people, ensuring that the name of Lekhpal does not evoke fear,” remarked CM Yogi.

During the program, a short film on Mission Rozgar was screened in the presence of CM Yogi. Along with Lok Bhavan, the program was also organized live in various commissionerates.

Urging the newly selected Lekhpals to fulfill their duties with honesty, Yogi emphasized their crucial role in public service, highlighting tasks such as land leasing, inheritance procedures, property transfers, conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural use, facilitating investment opportunities, and accurate land measurement.

He further stated, “Violent incidents often arise over minor land disputes in rural and urban areas. Timely measurement and demarcation can prevent such disputes. If powerful land mafias attempt to illegally occupy government or poor people’s land, we must intervene with anti-land mafia measures and take decisive action.”

The CM also emphasized the importance of timely processing of investment proposals and urged Lekhpals to expedite relief efforts during disasters like floods. He underscored the importance of promptly disbursing insurance benefits to farmers and their families in case of accidents or disasters.

He added, “Ensure all tasks are conducted ethically and leverage technology effectively. The entire revenue system is being digitized, and the distribution of laptops and tablets should coincide with training sessions.”

He mentioned that individuals residing in rural areas who traditionally live in houses built on village society land can obtain ownership through the Gharauni initiative. So far, this opportunity has been extended to over 6.3 million people, with the goal of reaching all 12.5 million families by the end of this year.

CM Yogi highlighted that in 2022, the Revenue Department urged the Subordinate Services Selection Commission to expedite the appointment process.

He remarked, “The commission conducted the selection process with utmost honesty and transparency. However, there are always some who try to obstruct every good initiative. There were efforts to impede the distribution of appointment letters to the newly selected Lekhpals. Despite challenges, the Revenue Department and the Commission persevered, ultimately securing a favorable decision from the Supreme Court. Today, these appointment letters are being issued to 7,720 newly selected youths, fulfilling their aspirations.”

He continued, “Following this process, we have submitted requisitions for an additional 4,700 appointments, which we aim to finalize soon. Upon completion, the state will reach its target of appointing 3,837 Lekhpals.”

Highlighting the situation before 2017, Yogi remarked, “Half the Lekhpal positions were vacant due to a lack of recruitment, plagued by numerous loopholes. Even before the process began, the ‘chacha-bhatija’ duo would engage in corrupt practices, distributing entire districts among their family members. This is the same Uttar Pradesh whose youth were sidelined if they went anywhere outside. Some districts had such a poor image that people wouldn’t even give them a place in hotels and dharamshalas, let alone jobs.”

“Today, wherever our youth go, they are greeted with great respect because they embody the new spirit of Uttar Pradesh, recognized worldwide for their talent”, he stated. Yogi highlighted that Uttar Pradesh, formerly ranked sixth in the nation’s economy, has now risen to become the second-largest economy in the country.

He emphasized that the transformative work undertaken has given Uttar Pradesh a distinct identity, one that must be upheld with full vigor and dedication.

CM Yogi stated that throughout the entire process, from requisition to the distribution of appointment letters, there was no requirement for recommendations. He emphasized that this trust from the youth is the government’s greatest asset. Yogi further expressed that the government is fully committed to empowering the youth, aiming to propel the state towards becoming the largest economy in the country through their bright future and development.

On this occasion, Finance and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Khanna, Chairman Revenue Council Dr. Rajneesh Dubey, Principal Secretary Revenue P Guru Prasad, Revenue Department officials were present.

Crores of jobs created in the state through investments and schemes

Regarding Mission Rozgar in the state, CM Yogi highlighted that over the past 7 years, the state government has advanced the appointment process with complete honesty and without bias, based solely on the qualifications and capabilities of the youth.

“The outcome of this effort is evident as 6 lakh youths have secured government jobs, and are contributing to the state’s development across various sectors. Additionally, more than 1 lakh 55 thousand police personnel and over 1 lakh 54 thousand teachers have been recruited in the state,” he stated.

He also mentioned that similar recruitment processes in various other departments have been successfully completed within stipulated timelines.

The CM stated that the government has successfully attracted investments of over Rs 15 lakh crore in the state so far. Additionally, there are investment proposals worth about Rs 30 lakh crore currently being processed. An excellent environment for investment has been created, with significant efforts to encourage the MSME sector.

“As a result, we have provided employment opportunities to 1.62 crore youth within their own districts. Furthermore, by promoting central and state government self-employment schemes, 62 lakh people have gained employment. Consequently, UP’s unemployment rate is falling rapidly, and more youth are finding opportunities for jobs and self-employment”, he asserted.


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