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Manthan celebrates International Day of Girl Child

Patna: Manthan Social Organisation organised a function on the occasion of International Day of Girl Child at the Manthan Student Hostel on Khagaul-Neora Road. The theme of the programme was ‘Empowered girls, we are daughters of India.’

Hundreds of girls from various Dalit communities, particularly from Musahar hamlets, participated in the programme. They presented a series of engaging activities such as dance, songs, drama, speeches, and street plays, showcasing that the daughters of the marginalised Dalit community are no less than anyone.

The event was graced by chief guest and special guest, Amrita Choudhary and Deepa Sehra, former Manthan director Father Juno Sebastian, Father Albert Tirkey, and Sister Gracy, along with other social workers and Manthan volunteers who marked their presence.

Addressing the gathering, Manthan director Father T. Nishant said Manthan Social Organisation had been working for the uplift of the Dalit, marginalised, and underprivileged communities for the past 45 years. He emphasized that the main objective of this programme was to create awareness among the society about the capability of girls from these communities.

Father Nishant pointed out that even after the eight decades of Independence, the Dalit community remained suppressed, primarily due to lack of education. “Manthan has been striving to spread education among these communities for the past 45 years. Today, Manthan has opened educational centres in every slum to educate and uplift the children, especially girls,” he said.

Amrita Choudhary, the chief guest, said, “These girls are the future of the nation. If one girl from a household is educated, it’s as if two families have received education. By acquiring education, these girls are dispelling the darkness of illiteracy, and they are the ones who will brighten the nation’s future.”

Sister Gracy expressed the importance of education. She stressed that girls would study, progress, and become future leaders, which would ultimately lead the country to progress.





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