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Lodha Empowers The Youth To Be Future Leaders

  • Lodha Oakwood School successfully conducts Yuvamanthan Model G20 Summit to create global leaders

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:  Lodha Oakwood School recently conducted the Yuvamanthan Model G20 Summit, a first-of-its-kind inter-school G20 simulation. The summit successfully empowered the youth of our nation to be future leaders by assessing pressing global issues and deliberating on impactful resolutions. This novel initiative is a testimony to Lodha’s unwavering commitment to build a better nation through its outreach programmes in child education and women empowerment.

The three- day enthralling event witnessed the participation of the 16 most renowned schools of the country, with each school team representing a G20 country. The team members assumed the roles of Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers, Sherpas, and Foreign Ministers. The Chief Guests at the event were Mr. Abhishek Lodha, CEO- Macrotech Developers and Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, celebrated personality, engineer, innovator and education reformist. A few of the prominent jury panellists included Mr. Rob Anderson, Head of Engagement- US Consulate, Mrs. Meera Isaacs, ex-Principal & Dean- Cathedral & John Connon School in Mumbai and Dr. Ritesh Jain, Founder- Infynit.

The first day entailed each of the assumed ministers imparting their strategies to advance their respective countries. The second day had the leaders of each country work collectively to present their findings along with a celebratory awards ceremony. The third and concluding day of the event included each country sharing their conclusions through encapsulating reels on the representing countries, along with a global cultural fair to celebrate the diverse cultures of the world.

The winners in the category of Best Team Delegations include G.D. Somani Memorial School as the first winner that represented the United Kingdom, St. Mary’s School as the second winner that represented Turkey and Lodha World School, Taloja as the third winner that represented Saudi Arabia. They were commemorated for their outstanding accomplishments. Additionally, the winning ideas have been shared with Y20 India, the official youth engagement group for the G20.

Sharing her views on the summit, Ms. Tasha Arnold, Academic Director- Lodha Oakwood School, said, “We aspire to mould the youth of our nation to accelerate the advancement of India over the next couple of decades. Armouring the youth with an analytical aptitude for world affairs enables a promising future for the world and environment. This initiative is a significant step towards inspiring collaborative efforts and large-scale solutions to nurture the next generation of leaders. Through this, we hope to embark on a transformative journey of education which prepares the youth for the real world.”

Mr. Sonam Wangchuk expressed, “My penchant for enabling access to education to each child of our country has led to forging associations with educational institutions that share similar values. The future of our world is reliant on the next generations and it’s imperative to also educate them on subjects that venture beyond the academic curriculum. We need to foster an environment that encourages innovation and global strategy for the youth to contribute to the larger good of society. This summit marks a breakthrough in imparting real life learning experiences to children and I am thrilled to be a part of it.”

Anmol Sovit, Chair- Y20 India, commented on the success of the event, “We have always believed in enabling the youth of India to pursue their passion and create a promising future for themselves. It is in this endeavour that we explore partnerships with communities that reflect our ambitions and ideologies. Lodha Oakwood School Yuvamanthan Model G20 Summit is our pathbreaking initiative to not only encourage students to expand their horizons and revamp their analytical thinking skills, but also to contribute towards creating a better world for future generations. This event is the first-of-its-kind that engages the youth with real-world issues, along with honing their critical thinking skillset. We will continue to conceptualize such avenues that render the promise of a better tomorrow.”



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