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  • Greaves Retail Launches Power Raja: A Comprehensive Range of E-Rickshaw Batteries

Greaves Retail Launches Power Raja: A Comprehensive Range of E-Rickshaw Batteries

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Greaves Retail, India’s leading fuel-agnostic mobility solutions provider and a unit of Greaves Cotton Limited, has announced the launch of its complete range of e-rickshaw batteries under the brand ‘Power Raja by Greaves‘. With a focus on the burgeoning e-rickshaw industry, Power Raja batteries are poised to reshape the landscape of small-scale last-mile transportation.

The Power Raja batteries, powered by proven lead-acid technology, have been designed to address the specific needs of the e-rickshaw segment and come with various warranty offers, different capacities of batteries (120 AH / 130 AH / 140AH / 150AH) and are priced competitively, offering value for money to the vehicle owner.

The remarkable Power Raja battery is a power pack that offers an extended life span, a cost-efficient per-kilometre expense, and the ability to cover greater distances while demanding minimal upkeep. Greaves Retail’s Power Raja batteries are ready to revolutionise the e-rickshaw industry by combining dependability, efficiency, and environmental awareness in a compact package.

“According to statistics from Vahan Dashboard, the three-wheeler category, one of the country’s early adopters of EVs, recorded an EV penetration of 53% in FY23. Power Raja by Greaves will play a pivotal role in the booming e-rickshaw industry. This cutting-edge battery signifies a remarkable advancement in E3W and is a testament to our commitment to sustainable electric mobility solutions. We aim to empower e-rickshaw operators with a reliable and eco-friendly solution that enhances their profitability and sustainability,”said Narasimha Jayakumar, CEO, Greaves Retail.

With an expansive network comprising over 180 distributors, 8000 dealers, and 20,000 mechanics, Greaves Spares is a powerhouse delivering an extensive assortment of multi-brand vehicle spares, encompassing 3W, e3W, and SCV products, directly to end customers. The company also offers diagnostic tools, service equipment, and various business engagement prospects, emphasising its unwavering commitment to exceptional maintenance and timely deliveries. Their extensive network of well-trained sales and service staff ensures localised customer support and a superior customer experience.



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