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Go Spiritual India Relaunches Nationwide ‘Go Vegetarian’ Campaign on World Vegetarian Day 2023

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Mumbai : On the auspicious occasion of World Vegetarian Day, celebrated annually on October 1st, it’s time for deep reflection. We must ask ourselves whether sacrificing the lives of animals for our sustenance is truly necessary. Is meat consumption a fundamental requirement for humanity? To understand the importance of this day, let’s briefly explore its history: World Vegetarian Day was established in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) and has since gained global recognition for its message of compassion and benevolence towards animals. The worldwide adoption of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles has been steadily growing over the years.

Go Spiritual India, India’s Leading Charitable Spiritual Organization, is proud to relaunch its nationwide ‘Go Vegetarian’ campaign on this World Vegetarian Day in 2023. The campaign initially debuted in 2022. Go Spiritual India is committed to philanthropy, spiritual enlightenment, social causes, spiritual tourism, media, organics, spiritual events, mental health, and wellness. At its helm is Sonu Tyagi, an award-winning writer, director, and producer with a diverse background spanning film, journalism, advertising, and psychology. He also leads Approach Entertainment, India’s prominent film production and celebrity Management Company, along with Approach Communications, a media and communications firm.

Go Spiritual India is set for an array of exciting initiatives, starting with the rollout of the Go Spiritual India Monthly Print Magazine and its digital counterpart. Following this, Go Spiritual India has plans to launch Go Spiritual India Web TV & OTT. In addition to media ventures, Go Spiritual India aims to diversify its portfolio by offering a range of products and services in wellness, mental health, Ayurveda, and food categories via its dedicated e-commerce platform. Moreover, the organization is actively developing events and retreats to advance the cause of Indian spirituality on a global scale.

Go Spiritual India Intro Go Spiritual Campaign 

Sonu Tyagi’s profound connection with the spiritual realm inspired the establishment of Go Spiritual India. Their mission is to reach a global audience through various mediums, such as media, social media, digital platforms, films, events, and a vast network of volunteers. Their primary goals include promoting vegetarianism, advocating for kindness towards animals, and spreading Indian spirituality worldwide.

You may wonder about the connection between spirituality and vegetarianism. Beyond the avoidance of unnecessary violence towards animals, the meat industry has a significant adverse impact on the environment and sustainability. Indian spirituality is rooted in the belief that all living beings possess a soul (Atma), an integral part of the Supreme Being (Param Atma), or what some may refer to as God. As all souls are interconnected through the Param Atma, spirituality involves an expansion of consciousness aimed at merging the individual Atma with the Param Atma. Consequently, compassion and detached love for all living beings are essential aspects of one’s spiritual journey.

Consuming healthy, guilt-free food is a crucial facet of this spiritual journey. Whether consciously acknowledged or not, the act of slaughtering animals for food and consuming their carcasses can evoke a sense of guilt, even if it lingers in one’s subconscious. This guilt can hinder spiritual growth. Spirituality teaches us to respect all of God’s creation and emphasizes that animals are an integral part of it. Kindness towards animals stems from the innate compassion within humans, even when it’s consciously overlooked.

With this understanding, Go Spiritual India has been actively promoting vegetarianism and compassion for homeless animals in India. On World Vegetarian Day, their campaign aims to expand its reach both within India and globally. Go Spiritual India, a prominent spiritual and social service organization engaged in various philanthropic activities, emphasizes service towards the poor, underprivileged, and animals alike. Spirituality teaches us to be kind not only to humanity but to all of nature, respecting the creation of the Supreme Being.

Founder Sonu Tyagi reiterates the organization’s mission to raise awareness about the greatness of Indian culture, traditions, spirituality, and compassion. Go Spiritual India plans to take its spiritual philosophy and ‘Go Vegetarian’ campaign to a global scale, engaging volunteers, media, and social media from around the world, creating digital content and films for this noble cause.

Go Spiritual India has also been actively involved in charitable work, including efforts to eradicate hunger and distribute essentials like blankets to the less fortunate. Go Spiritual India  ‘Bhookh Mitao Campaign’ focuses on providing food to the hungry and encourages food item donations, supported by corporate organizations and spiritual individuals. Additionally, Go Spiritual India run annual blanket donation drives to assist the homeless during harsh North Indian winters, garnering support from volunteers and Bollywood celebrities alike.

In addition to their humanitarian efforts, Go Spiritual India promotes compassion towards animals. This message of mercy towards animals has gained significant traction, leading many to embrace vegetarianism and compassion for all living beings.

Go Spiritual India is gaining recognition through its philanthropic and spiritual activities. All their campaigns have received widespread support and financial backing, propelling the organization forward. Their mission seeks to eliminate meat consumption worldwide, highlighting its health risks and environmental impact. Efforts to justify taking animal lives are seen as hypocritical.

Social activist Prem Agrawal, associated with Go Spiritual India, asserts that human bodies are not naturally designed to digest meat. He points out that while carnivorous animals do not chew their food, herbivores, including humans, do. According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, vegetarian food is ideal for maintaining health, a concept supported by yoga for overall well-being. Human physiology necessitates chewing food before ingestion, indicating that the human body is naturally inclined toward a vegetarian diet. However, many people worldwide consume meat primarily for pleasure and indulgence.

Sonu Tyagi appeals to all to remove meat from their plates and transition to a healthier, naturally vegetarian diet. The ‘Go Vegetarian’ campaign by Go Spiritual India seeks to create awareness and inspire individuals to make this transformative change, not just for their well-being but also for the compassion and respect they owe to all living beings and the environment.

Approach Communications is handling PR and communications for Go Spiritual India, while social media and digital marketing are being managed by Approach Communications Digital division. Approach Entertainment, a company within the Approach Communications Group, oversees all aspects of branded entertainment, celebrity and influencer engagement, film and in-film marketing, events, film productions, and all entertainment marketing activities for Go Spiritual India.

Approach Entertainment is an award-winning Celebrity Management, Films Productions, Advertising and Corporate Films Productions, Films Marketing, Events & Entertainment Company. Group entity Approach Communications is a leading PR and integrated Communications agency serving the corporate, healthcare, entertainment, finance, education, and social sectors. Approach Entertainment Group has received recognition, including The Biz India 2010 Award from the World Confederation of Business and the Service Excellence Award from the World Marketing Organization, along with the PR Company of the Year Award in Business Tycoon Awards. The group has a presence in Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurugram, Goa, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Jalandhar.

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