Thursday, October 5, 2023
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ET CISO Annual Conclave Set to Host Cybersecurity Leaders

New Delhi, Delhi, India

ET CISO, a leading platform for cybersecurity professionals, is thrilled to announce the sixth edition of its Annual Conclave 2023 from August 24-27 in Udaipur. Themed “CyberSec Uncertainty: Prevention over Response“, the event will bring together industry leaders and experts to tackle evolving cybersecurity challenges.

The one-of-a-kind four-day residential security conference will offer networking opportunities for 100+ CISOs, 1000+ minutes of networking, and 25+ sessions, workshops, and showcases. This event will foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and relationship building among cybersecurity professionals with CXOs talking about future trends in biz-tech, strategies to take your company ahead, in-depth look at novel tech implementations, and technology best practices.

We are excited to bring together cybersecurity leaders, experts, and professionals for the ET CISO Annual Conclave 2023,” said a spokesperson of ET CISO. “In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, it is essential for organizations to stay informed and adapt their security strategies. This conclave aims to equip attendees with actionable insights and foster collaboration to enhance cyber resilience.”

The ET CISO Annual Conclave will show a clear path for cybersecurity leaders as they rewrite their cybersecurity war strategies through the lens of outside-in and inside-out. To know more about the summit, visit



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