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EduQuest Student Rudraksh Bhandari Wins Prestigious UAE Awards

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Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Rudraksh Bhandari, a student from Sharjah, has earned significant recognition in the UAE by winning both the Sheikh Hamdan Award and the Sharjah Award. These accolades highlight his remarkable achievements and dedication. Rudraksh’s journey to success began in the 9th grade when he started receiving guidance from EduQuest, an education consultancy.

EduQuest has been instrumental in shaping Rudraksh’s academic journey. With a focus on personalized profile building, SAT coaching, AP exam coaching, 10th and 12th Board exam preparation and university applications. EduQuest provided tailored support that balanced his academic and extracurricular activities. Their comprehensive approach ensured Rudraksh was well-prepared from every aspect, for his journey towards his dream university abroad.

EduQuest has been providing end-to-end PSAT/SAT/ACT/AP/Tuitions/Olympiads and University Applications since 1995 and has extensive experience, training various levels of students. The students undergo assessment through their “Diagnostic Test Framework”, which enables the design of individualized, customized modules and preparation for target examinations by both “Online Live” and “Classroom Sessions”. EduQuest also advises students in building their Profile, university essay writing and guides them in choosing the right universities, colleges, and institutions, under one roof.

Rudraksh Bhandari expressed his gratitude, saying, “EduQuest has made my dream come true. They guided me to create a robust profile for international universities and taught me to think differently when crafting university essays. Their guidance for essay writing and resume presentation was superb. Under their mentorship, I scored 1540 on the SAT and prepared for 10 AP exams. My elder sister Nilisha, who is at Purdue, was also guided by EduQuest. I owe so much to EduQuest, a one-stop solution for all educational services.”

Priya Mahajan, Director of EduQuest Gurgaon, shared her pride in Rudraksh’s accomplishments, “We are honored to coach students like Rudraksh Bhandari. After assessing his strengths and goals, we developed his profile by blending academic and extracurricular activities. Academically, we prepared him for his board exams, where he excelled, and provided SAT and AP coaching. We are also proud to have guided his sister Nilisha, another exceptional student. Rudraksh’s acceptance into numerous elite universities, including Georgia Tech, UCSD, and Purdue, reflects our commitment to developing our students fully.”

–Press release


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