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  • Discover Tetra Pak’s End-to-end Solutions at the Indian Ice Cream Expo

Discover Tetra Pak’s End-to-end Solutions at the Indian Ice Cream Expo

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Tetra Pak, a world-leading food processing and packaging solutions company, is set to demonstrate its integrated solutions for the ice-cream industry at the 11th Edition of Indian Ice-cream Expo (IICE). Co-organized by the Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers Association (IICMA) & AIM Events, this three-day event, scheduled from Sept 13 to 15 at Biswa Bangla Prangan Milan Mela, Kolkata, will host showcase the latest trends and innovations in the Ice Cream industry.

A pioneer in the ice-cream category, Tetra Pak will be showcasing a range of hero solutions, including:

  • The Tetra Pak®Extrusion Wheel that lets brands capture new opportunities with the large inclusions that consumers know and love
  • The world’s first collaborative robot of its kind, Tetra Pak® Ice Cream Robot Filler – an advanced, ergonomic, semi-automated unit for filling ice cream tubs
  • Tetra Pak® Continuous Freezers that allow manufacturers to make the ultimate in indulgent ice cream while minimising waste
  • A unique Micro injection Molding (MiM), available on Tetra Fino® Aseptic 100 Ultra that provides an easy-to-open tear-off tab
  • A comprehensive range of Ingredients and Inclusions

Roughly half of the world’s ice cream is produced with the help of Tetra Pak equipment, and this one of the most exciting categories for us today. With manufacturers looking for partners who can bring in end-to-end support, especially market insights from other parts of the world, while offering solutions that meet their specific local needs, Tetra Pak is strongly positioned to support the industry from ideation on formulation to automation, filling and all the other aspects of the production process,” says Cassio Simoes, Managing Director, Tetra Pak South Asia.

Ice cream ranges from offerings with a healthier profile that are low in fat and/or carb content, to indulgent products higher in fat and often including ingredients such as chocolate, nuts and syrups. Tetra Pak is the world-leading, single-source manufacturer and supplier of complete solutions, equipment and consumables for processing and packaging ice cream. The full range of Tetra Pak’s ice cream equipment covers raw material storage through mix preparation to continuous freezing and inclusion systems. Our production solutions include the extrusion, moulding, filling, hardening and packaging of stick products, cups, cones, sandwiches, cakes and family packs.

“To succeed in the ice-cream market, manufacturers need to be able to quickly respond to changing consumer trends. For instance, inclusion of food pieces such as chocolate, candy, nut and cake pieces is a growing trend, and so is the adoption of more intricate designs such as swirls, multiple coating layers, and sophisticated shapes. Our portfolio today is geared to respond to the dynamic needs of the market, and we are proud to be truly a one-stop solution for ice-creams,” Cassio adds.

Visitors can meet the Tetra Pak team at Booth E3 at Biswa Bangla Prangan Milan Mela, Kolkata from Sept 13 to 15.



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