Friday, December 8, 2023
Home News CBI arrests 3 accused and busts major inter-state fake job racket 

CBI arrests 3 accused and busts major inter-state fake job racket 

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested three accused in an on-going investigation of a case and busted an illegal job racket allegedly operating in multiple states. It was alleged that the modus operandi of these accused was to approach desperate jobseekers who were preparing for examinations for the posts of various Central Government departments.
A case was registered against six accused and unknown public servants and others. It was alleged that the organized syndicate consisting of private persons was taking a huge amount of money (between Rs. 10-20 lakh, sometimes in installments) in the disguise of processing fees/ security deposits from prospective job seekers in various Central Government departments and PSU’s. It was further alleged that there were layers of different accused who were operating in such a manner that no prospective job seeker could approach the next-level accused for a refund of the alleged security deposit or for any kind of confirmation of a job.
It was also alleged that the accused developed a thorough system of issuing fake appointment letters, call letters for training at various centers, and fake documentation of candidates at fake training centers. The accused adopted the practice of setting up fake training centers in different states for a set of job seekers and conducted subsequent trainings for job seekers with the motive of attempting to show genuineness of their modus. The accused also used to call jobseekers to hand over appointment letters and training call letters at actual government premises to present a genuine set-up.
Searches were conducted at nine places, including at Patna, Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore & Dhanbad including two fake training centers at Sakinaka, Mumbai and one in Patna (Bihar) in which around 25 jobseekers were being imparted training after fake appointments for jobs, purportedly of various Central Government departments like FCI, Railways, GST, etc. During searches at Sakinaka Training Center, most of the job seekers were found to be from Karnataka, and a few were from Maharashtra. Incriminating documents like fake call letters, fake appointment letters, and fake training dossiers of job seekers were recovered during the searches.
In Bangalore, an accomplice of an accused was found taking two prospective jobseekers inside the GST office, purportedly for signing appointment letters as per modus operandi to show genuineness. In Mangalore, the main two kingpins (accused) were also found preparing to setup a new fake training center for prospective job seekers. All the three were nabbed.
It was further alleged that for the past two years, the accused were running the fake job racket and duping crores of rupees from jobseekers. It was also alleged that the accused had conducted fake training of jobseekers in Nagpur (Maharashtra), Dhanbad (Jharkhand), Patna & Buxer (Bihar) and Bangalore (Karnataka).
The arrested accused will be produced before the competent court.


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