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Home Slider Bihar beat Meghalaya by 302 runs; qualify for Ranji Trophy Elite Group

Bihar beat Meghalaya by 302 runs; qualify for Ranji Trophy Elite Group

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Patna: Bihar outplayed Meghalaya by 302 runs in the Ranjit Trophy Plate Group semi-final at MCA Ground (Polo Ground) in Shillong on Friday. With this win, Bihar qualified for the elite group of the Ranji Trophy for the next season.

Resuming the fourth day’s play at 23 for one wicket, Meghalaya were bowled out for 156 runs in their second innings while chasing 436 runs to win the match.

Bihar bowlers maintained a tight line and length and did not allow Meghalaya batsmen to collect runs freely. The Bihar skipper, Ashutosh Aman, used his bowling strength judiciously. Aman also bowled well to capture four vital wickets of Meghalaya in the second innings. Altogether, he took eight wickets in the match.

The wicketkeeper batsman, Bipin Saurabh of Bihar, who slammed 177 runs in the first innings, was named man of the match.

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Bihar first innings: 428

Meghalaya first Innings: 134

Bihar second innings: 164

Meghalaya second innings: R R Biswa c (Sub) Pratap b Veer Pratap Singh 28; Kishan Lyndoh b Veer Pratap Singh 9; Rohit Shah (wk) c Bipin Saurabh b Ashutosh Aman 1; Swarajeet Das c Bipin Saurabh b Nawaz 15; Punit Bisht (c) c (Sub) Pratap b Nawaz 25; Tarique Siddique b Sachin Kumar Singh 0; R B Bishnoi Jr run out (Nawaz) 4; Akash Kumar c Basukinath b Ashutosh Aman 17; Dippu c Bipin Saurabh b Ashutosh Aman 22; Arbin Singh not out 5; Abhishek b Ashutosh Aman 17

Extras ( b 8, lb 3, w 1, nb 1 )13

TOTAL: 156 (47.1 OVERS)

FALL OF WICKETS: 1 – 19 (Kishan Lyndoh, 8.6 ov); 2 – 24 (Rohit Shah, 13.2 ov); 3 – 46 (R R Biswa, 18.5 ov); 4 – 84 (Swarajeet Das, 31.4 ov); 5 – 85 (Tarique Siddique, 32.2 ov); 6 – 89 (R B Bishnoi Jr, 32.6 ov); 7 – 91 (Punit Bisht, 35.2 ov); 8 – 119 (Dippu, 39.6 ov); 9 – 134 (Akash Kumar, 43.4 ov); 10 – 156 (Abhishek, 47.1 ov)

Bowling: Veer Pratap Singh 12-1-32-2; Nawaz 15-4-35-2; Ashutosh Aman 8.1-2-35-4; Bansi 5-0-23-0; Sachin Kumar Singh 7-3-20-1





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