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BigMuscles Nutrition to Launch Over 100 Company-owned Stores Across India in Two Years

New Delhi, Delhi, India

BigMuscles Nutrition, a leading name in the nutraceutical and fitness industry, today announced a key milestone in its journey of growth and expansion. The new stores mark a significant step forward and reflect in BigMuscles Nutrition’s ambitious growth plans. Currently valued at Rs. 300 crores, BigMuscles Nutrition is likely to enter the Rs. 500 crore club in the next few years.

Suhel Vats, Manager Director, BigMuscles Nutrition said, “The company-owned and company-operated stores are a natural progression for us. After establishing ourselves as a leading holistic nutrition brand online and in retail stores, our offline stores will help us engage with our customers directly. We have carefully identified each city and have done research on the location of our stores. We will continue to invest in new products and expand our presence across the country.”

The Indian scientific evidence-backed nutraceuticals is expected to reach US $18 billion by 2025 and personalised high-quality products will drive this enhanced demand. The nutraceutical market in India is poised for substantial expansion, driven by increasing awareness of individual health, fitness, and dietary choices. Consumers are proactively embracing preventive health strategies, amalgamating health check-ups, nutritional excellence, and physical activity to foster a culture of well-being.

Commenting on the development, Jitika Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, BigMuscles Nutrition said, “The market for nutraceuticals is evolving and our patrons demand products that address their specific needs. We will continue to offer well-researched products, produced from ingredients that comply with global standards and are manufactured in best-in-class facilities. The company-owned stores are a part of our growth strategy. These specially designed stores represent our vision and mission and will provide an immersive experience to our patrons.”





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