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Ayodhya Deepotsav 2023: Tourism Department launches diya booking via ‘Holy Ayodhya’ app

  • Participate in Deepotsav comfortably from India or Abroad by booking diyas
  • Choose from four packages, ranging from Rs 101 to Rs 1100, on the App
  • Ayodhya administration will send prasad via courier as a token of appreciation for your booking

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: Similar to previous years, the Yogi government is gearing up to make the Deepotsav in Ayodhya both divine and grand. This year, the tourism department aims to set a world record by illuminating 21 lakh earthen diyas. In a novel initiative, the Tourism Department and Ayodhya District Administration are offering a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in Deepotsav from the comfort of their homes.

Through the “Holy Ayodhya” mobile app, people can contribute to diya lighting by donating one to 51 diyas, allowing them to participate in the spiritual event. The cost varies, with a single diya priced at Rs 101, Rs 251 for 11 diyas, Rs 501 for 21 diyas, and Rs 1100 for 51 diyas, payable online.

Mukesh Meshram, Principal Secretary of the Tourism Department, highlighted the user-friendly nature of the Holy Ayodhya app, available on both Android and Apple platforms. Users can download the app, book one or more diyas in their name, and, after the Deepotsav, receive the diya, Prasad, and Saryu water as a blessing at their provided address.

The app facilitates contributions ranging from one to 51 diyas, allowing users to participate individually or on behalf of their family members. The district administration will review the applications received on the app and arrange for the diyas to be lit accordingly.

He emphasized that the enthusiasm for participating in this Deepotsav extends not only within the country but also among people living abroad. In such a scenario, this initiative serves as a valuable and convenient opportunity for those residing outside the country to join in the festivities.

The app offers a variety of packages for lamp lighting. Out of the four available, ranging from Rs 101 to Rs 1100, the first package costs Rs 101, and it includes the lighting of a single diya. Digital proof of this will be sent in the name of the devotee. The second package, priced at Rs 251, involves the illumination of 11 diyas, and as proof, Prasad from Ram Janmabhoomi, along with the lit diyas, will be dispatched through courier.

Similarly, the third package is priced at Rs. 501 and includes the lighting of 21 diyas. Along with the diyas, Prasad, Ramnami Gamchha, and Saryu water will be sent to the donor through courier. In the fourth package, an online payment of Rs 1100 is required, and it entails the lighting of 51 diyas. In addition to the diyas, Prasad of Ramlala, Ramnami Gamchha, a model of the Ram temple, and Saryu water will be sent through courier.




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