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Arya Group of College Enhancing the Quality of Education in Students

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India:  When deciding to enroll for any course, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is the Quality of Education, a College/Institute has to offer. Alongside that, it is of utter importance to know what Initiatives are being taken by the said entity to impart quality education and how it will enhance one’s skills and prepare them for further challenges. The present scenario demands the finest Quality of Education among students to rise and bring out their best in every aspect, so it is mandatory to understand why it is beneficial, prior to deciding the right time and place.

However, the role of Academic Staff in Colleges holds major importance in improving the Quality of Higher Education in a country like India. The Arya College in Jaipur with its well-planned curriculum, improvised facilities, appropriate training, and other departmental programs brings you the desired education curriculum with widespread opportunities.

Recently, there is a rapid increase in the number of Colleges and Private Institutions in India. Students across the Globe prefer Colleges where the basic learning environment is designed to impart theoretical knowledge armoured with the Case Study Approach.

And, the thing that remains intact among individuals is: why is Quality Education important?

The College plays a vital role in this context and is composed of separate domains as well as services to enhance the Quality of Education.

The College is vastly known for its Research and Development unit, which offers world-class technology for its students in areas like robotics, mechatronics, drones, and many more.

Talking about Robots, The Arya College is the first and only one to have covered a distance of making innumerable types of Robots naming, serving Ruby at RestaurantsRobo Cop at CBI, Delhi, and Selfie Robot that clicks pictures and shares on WhatsApp immediately, Bionic Hand, now being worked upon sensors, Human Brain Controlling cap, that can read a human mind, Traffic Robot, to control the traffic and many more and many more customised Robots that have been created by the students themselves.

Students taking admission and securing a seat in the college get an opportunity to explore and have hands-on experience on live projects under “ARYA STATE OF ADVANCE R&D LAB”. The Laboratories, however, consist of the latest machines and technologies, and the increased number of specialized pieces of training, CSTs, PSTs, and CRTs provide quality education among its students.

With the advancement in fields of technology, the college possesses smartboard classrooms, and the motto of this digitized concept of learning is to provide a proper understanding of various topics in a detailed and interesting manner. Moreover, it has an E-library facility with essential and maximum available resources. Each department initiates numerous industrial visits for its students, and conducting seminars is a regular feature of the college.

The frequent engagement in activities conducted by the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) and Student Development Cell (SDC) aims at giving the students exposure and improving their practical knowledge and learning, and enhancing their personality and outlook.

Along with these, the Faculty Development Programs (FDPs) like workshops in association with reputed organizations are held on a regular basis. Moreover, it encourages the students to participate in various competitions as it is one of the important features of enhanced quality of education.

Various pieces of training linked to upgrading the soft skills of an individual are a major part of the curriculum, such an improvised syllabus lets the students have a better quality of education, as well as nurture themselves for professional development. Besides this, the college has come up with an excellent feature for its students that connects them with numerous experts around the globe via webinars.

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