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  • Action taken against 7,570 cyber criminals, Rs 90 crore recovered: Yogi Govt

Action taken against 7,570 cyber criminals, Rs 90 crore recovered: Yogi Govt

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  • Yogi government adopts zero tolerance policy on cybercrime
  • Govt informs House about its various measures to fight cybercrime
  • 13,155 cybercrime cases reported between 2022-March 2023; charge sheets filed in 4,372 cases

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh Government on Tuesday informed that legal action has been taken against 7,570 cyber criminals while Rs 90 crore has been recovered.

Answering a query in the State Assembly, Finance Minister Suresh Khanna said that that the government’s interventions to curb cyber crimes have led to significant outcomes and a total of 13,155 cybercrime cases have been registered between 2022 and March 2023, of which charge sheets have been filed in 4,372 cases, while final reports have been submitted in 4,606. Besides, 45 cases have been rejected.

Khanna said that the government was proactively dealing with cases of cybercrime in the state. It is worth mentioning here that the Yogi government has adopted zero tolerance policy against crime including cybercrime. This has led to significant enhancement in the state’s crime statistics in the last six years.

Highlighting the impact of Yogi government’s tenure, the Finance Minister emphasized a noticeable decline in crime rates since assuming power. He underscored the administration’s unwavering commitment to dispensing the most stringent penalties for criminal offenses, often setting precedent through exemplary punishments. Be it the NCRB data or local data, the policy of zero tolerance adopted by the government towards crimes has been fully implemented. As a result, UP has transformed into a benchmark, and the popular opinion is that the state of law and order is much better today than during the previous governments.

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