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A nation can become strong and capable only through ‘cultured education’, says UP CM Yogi

  • Teachers can take the country to new heights: Chief Minister
  • CM speaks at the ceremony to distribute tablets to teachers & wonder boxes to disabled children and to inaugurate smart class
  • Education creates a sense of self-discipline and dedication toward the nation

By Our Correspondent

Gorakhpur: Stating that for a nation to attain strength, it must prioritize developing its capabilities, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized that nurturing a refined and ‘cultured education system’ is essential for building a capable society.

Education, he stressed, serves as a potent instrument for instilling self-discipline, fostering a profound sense of connection, and nurturing unwavering dedication in each individual towards the nation’s welfare.

The Chief Minister was addressing the inauguration ceremony of Smart Classes and ICT (Information and Communication) Labs in 64 block resource centers of 1086 council schools in Gorakhpur division (Deoria, Gorakhpur, Kushinagar, and Maharajganj districts) on Wednesday.

This special occasion also marked the commencement of tablet distribution to 14,360 primary and composite school teachers, the introduction of Wonder Boxes to 3,780 co-located Anganwadi centers, and the provision of 1,980 assistive devices to support 1,207 disabled children.

The Chief Minister stressed the profound impact of education on the character of individuals, society, and the nation. “The foundation for a robust nation is laid by the tireless efforts of teachers.”

He underlined that teachers possess the potential to rapidly elevate the nation to new heights. Referring to ideal gurus like Guru Vashishtha, Vishwamitra, Sandipani, and Chanakya, the Chief Minister highlighted their pivotal role in shaping extraordinary figures such as Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, and Chandragupta. He urged teachers to take inspiration from these gurus.

The Chief Minister noted that the most significant accomplishment for a teacher is when they empower their students, making them competent and instilling in them a deep sense of dedication to the nation. He emphasized the importance of self-evaluation for everyone. Failing to assess one’s actions amounts to a betrayal not just to oneself but also to society and the nation, he noted.

Referring to the transformation in the Basic Education Department over the past six years, CM Yogi remarked that the department is continuously evolving and improving. He encouraged healthy competition among teachers through their active participation in various programs. By engaging with all department-related initiatives, teachers can collectively achieve better results.

He urged teachers to evaluate their work regularly, ranging from daily and weekly assessments to fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual evaluations. The Chief Minister suggested that in places where Operation Kayakalp hasn’t yet reached, teachers can seek support from public representatives, village panchayats, or former students.

The Chief Minister emphasized the need for teachers to stay updated with evolving technology in a changing environment. The distribution of tablets is a step in this direction, helping teachers become technologically competent and guide the upcoming generation effectively. “The government is playing its role in this by establishing smart classes, ICT labs, and distributing tablets,” Yogi said.

He stressed the importance of forward-thinking and planning two steps in advance to stay ahead.

Additionally, the Chief Minister discussed the issue of encephalitis and the importance of raising awareness about cleanliness among children and their parents. He highlighted that a robust education system should involve continuous research. Keeping this in mind, Anganwadi centers are also being connected with pre-primary.

CM Yogi stated that teachers can connect various types of schemes of the Central and State Governments with the children of the Basic Education Council. He particularly emphasized the importance of linking scholarship programs and the Kanya Sumangala scheme. He shared that the Kanya Sumangala Yojana, which offers an amount of Rs 15,000 from a daughter’s birth through various stages of her education, will now be increased to Rs 25,000 from the upcoming session.

CM Yogi Adityanath urged teachers to perform to leave a lasting legacy, rather than merely passing the time. He encouraged educators to gain a deep understanding of the social, geographical, and economic aspects of their respective areas, as well as the unique attributes, crafts, and heritage of their villages. Gathering data and drawing insights can unveil the untapped potential within the community. In this context, he cited the example of the Terracotta village Aurangabad in Gorakhpur.

The Chief Minister said that the more memorable a teacher’s tenure is, the more they will be cherished and remembered.

The Basic Education Minister, Sandeep Singh, extended a warm welcome to the Chief Minister. The event witnessed the presence of numerous public representatives and government officials.

Chief Minister becomes emotional among disabled children

Prior to taking the stage, the CM distributed wheelchairs to the differently-abled (divyang) children, interacted with them and presented them gifts. Earlier, at the program venue, he interacted with children dressed as iconic characters like Shri Ram, Lakshman, Sita, and Hanuman, gifting them chocolates. The Chief Minister also performed Annaprashan (first feeding) to the young children, offering them love, affection, and blessings, along with toys as gifts. Furthermore, he graciously completed the baby shower ceremony for some women and gifted them nutrition kits.

CM inspects stalls, gathers information about TLM models

The Chief Minister inspected the stalls set up by the Basic Education Department at the venue of the program. Models of Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) were displayed at these stalls. CM spoke to the teachers and children present at the stalls and took information about their respective models.





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