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100 women cricketers take part in Straight Drive selection trials

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Patna, April 28, 2024: Around 100 women cricketers participated in the opening day of the two-day selection trials on Saturday aimed at forming teams for the upcoming second season of the Straight Drive Bihar Women’s Invitational Cricket Tournament beginning on May 1.

Conducted at the YCC Ground in Patna, the selection trials are overseen by a committee led by chairman Mohan Kumar Sinha. The committee comprises members Prem Ballabh Sahay, Sanjay Kumar, Ranveer Mehta, and Gulrez Akhtar. Santosh Kumar serves as the coordinator supervising the selection process.

Several cricket luminaries, including international coach Madan Mohan Prasad, graced the selection trials with their presence.

It’s worth noting that the tournament is slated to take place from May 1 to May 5 at the Cricket Academy of Bihar grounds, with preparations already underway.

Devjit Talpatra from Straight Drive emphasized that the tournament aims not only to host competitive matches but also to facilitate players’ progress by providing additional opportunities. Talpatra mentioned plans to form a Straight Drive team through the tournament, which will compete in neighboring states. He highlighted the importance of fostering a competitive spirit among players. The team formation during the tournament will be overseen by a committee chaired by Adhikari Madad Mohan Prasad.




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